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I’m an example of someone who started a business on the side while start a business working for someone else. Many years ago I began consulting to entrepreneurs while director of marketing for an ultra major aerospace defense corporation. My clients came to me. I gave freely of my ideas and how they could solve problems.

One day I decided to charge for what I knew and began consulting, working evenings and weekends. Pretty soon my business grew to the point I had to make a big decision. I left the corporate life and went full-time.

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Better Blog Post = Better Business & More Followers

Try this simple trick to make your blog posts better: blogging people cropped

Write like you’re telling a friend how to solve a problem. 

That’s it. Just focus on a real person and solve their problem. I learned this when beginning my broadcast career.

A very successful Baltimore morning DJ told me to speak to a real person not a microphone. I started doing that. My person was a lady from the neighborhood. Her door was always open, coffee pot on, and folks dropped by all day long. She was the neighborhood problem solver. I wonder if there are any like her today.

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38 Marketing Words That Sell in Social Media

Here’s a recent item posted By Gary Hennerberg & Perry Alexander on the Target Marketing website

Are the words that generate response from social media and blogs different than words that work for direct mail? Or are digital marketers finally figuring out the most responsive words that direct marketing copywriters have known for generations? Whether this is new information to you, or confirms what you already knew, today’s blog is about words, and how response to specific words in the online space could strengthen your offline marketing initiatives.

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