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People are not as smart as you think…

A recent statistic shows that over 27% of adults skip out on joining Social Networks.

Once you see the reason why, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make a *lot more money* in your business…And in the process, help a lot more folks out!

Get this: The biggest reason WHY is . . .  they don’t know how to sign-up!

…Picking usernames and passwords.
…Uploading profile pics.
…Adding ‘friends’.

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ordinary vs extraordinary Much to many folks dismay, it only takes doing a ‘little bit’ more to win big online. It is no different from baseball when a 250 hitter needs only one hit a week to be a 300 hitter. Just one little blooper a week over the 2nd baseman’s head is the difference between journeyman and star. Think about it, just one a week.

In our online business if you do a little more than the other guy you don’t get a little bit more than he does. You DOMINATE. This is also true for brick and mortar businesses…but online the return is faster and greater.

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holmes & watson = because copy Today, I’m going to teach you one of the most powerful words to add to your marketing arsenal. I want you to know this one word that can instantly increase your conversions and get you more sales.

Now, it shouldn’t have to say this, but the first thing you want to do to ensure your success is to actually CARE for people and look for ways to add value into their lives.

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The Best Way I know To Get Things Done

A lot of people look at famous business  don't miss the deadline
gurus like they have some ‘unbreakable,
uncanny focus’ and Key success habits that
the rest of us just can’t seem to grasp

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If You Can’t Measure It You Cannot Manage It!

I remember well a lesson from my days marketing technology products: “If  you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” Along with ‘measure twice – cut once’ that advice has proven its value again and again.

These days relying on social media for much online money-making success means we must learn how to measure our success or failure. My adage is ‘what you know gets you started and what you don’t know kills you (or your business).

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