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Starting Your Online Business Part #3

Not understanding the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want’ is a major mistake many people make when starting an online business. Those simple words underscore one’s motivation – the why of going it on your own.

Children want many things, whether they have lasting value or not. An immature eye focuses on glitter, or what one does not have. Children want something now, getting immediate gratification.

The mature approach understands we need many things we may not want. Think eating vegetables instead of a juicy burger with fries.

With maturity comes patience. Ever hear the term ‘patient money’? Patient money is opposite pulling up carrots from the ground to see how they are growing. More about business patience later.

I recall a world-class track and field coach asked how he taught athletes to soar over the high jump bar – many setting records under his tutelage. His answer was simple, “I tell them to throw their heart over the bar and their body will follow.”

Where is your heart, your passion, your want?

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Taking Care of Business

I have to admit that I do not spend as much time with my blog as I should. Well, there are just so many hours in a day and I’m a very busy guy . . . or a world-class procrastinator – take your pick.

A few months ago I changed my blog’s WordPress theme and am still ironing out a few wrinkles. I’m doing this myself after a disastrous experience with someone I paid handsomely to do the work for me. So much for buying the wrong service.

Well, my reason for telling you all this is I started my blog a few years ago when I heard about John Chow on Leo Laporte’s (The Tech Guy) radio show. I was curious and looked him up on the Internet and bought his Blogging With John Chow course. Since then I’ve gotten to know John and consider him a friend. We meet frequently over lunch and share Internet money-making ideas. John Chow is one of the top online money makers in the world.

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Starting Your Online Business Part #2

The most common Internet business involves selling products or content. If you want to experience making money online sell something on eBay or Amazon. Doing that requires nothing more than finding some item to sell and putting it online. Both eBay and Amazon have online tutorials explaining the process.

This is a great way to get your feet wet making money online and you don’t need a web site or do anything but put your products up for sale. I have never offered anything for sale on eBay that someone did not buy. So, you quickly experience making money online. And you get rid of stuff you no longer need.

I am putting about a dozen items on Amazon today and expect to make $500 – $700 when they sell. These are some legacy cameras  and some sports memorabilia. Collectible items are in great demand, especially old cameras in working condition. In my experience the best sale items are small and sell for at least $50.

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