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20 Rules for Writing So Crystal Clear Even Your Dumbest Relative Will Understand

By Glen Long, Managing Editor of Boost Blog Traffic.


Has this ever happened to you?

You’re driving to work. Or reading a book. Or just drifting off to sleep.

And it comes out of nowhere like a thunderbolt.

The perfect idea for your blog. An idea your readers will simply love. An idea you were put on this earth to spread.

So you excitedly scribble it down, write it up and get it out into the world via your blog.

And then…

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Bitly-Viglink Affiliate Deal Raises Concerns


In early February, Bitly, the popular URL-shortening service, partnered with affiliate tool Viglink to auto-monetize every shortlink generated by Bitly’s millions of users. To understand the impact of this partnership, consider that Bitly encodes more than 600 million links per month. Those links generate approximately eight billion clicks monthly. Today, every one of those eight billion clicks potentially sets a Viglink affiliate cookie on the end-user’s machine. And every time Viglink earns commission, it shares it with Bitly.

Bitly’s popular URL shortener.

Bitly-Viglink Arrangement

Here’s how it works. Say that you find a sweater you like on Amazon. You want to see what your friends think about that sweater. So, you post a link to that sweater on your various social networks. However, to stay within the character limit constraints of the social media platforms, you use Bitly to shorten the URL.

Since Bitly has partnered with Viglink, when your friends click on that link, Viglink’s affiliate cookie is dropped onto their computers. This means that Viglink, and subsequently Bitly, could earn a commission on any purchase your friends make on Amazon, provided those purchases were made within the cookie duration window.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Must-Haves

email marketing - Copy




Anna Pfeiffer , a marketing strategist at marketing automation services provider Bronto Software, identifies her top 10 must-have components for a successful email marketing program. Here they are:


  1. Creative and content that are engaging to your subscribers:Convey your brand personality and interact with your subscribers, Pfeiffer said. For example, ask them questions, seek out their feedback. She cited three examples of retailers effectively using engaging content: West Elm offering design tips to its subscribers; Crate and Barrel’s seasonal tips for outdoor furniture care; and Uncommon Goods providing background information on where its products are sourced from.

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How to Make Your Next Sale


buy me stuff






Selling is easy.

Have a product somebody wants.

Find that person.

Ask them to buy.

Most of us go wrong because:

  1. We have a bad product,
  2. We sell to the wrong audience,
  3. Our pricing is wrong,
  4. We make a bad offer.

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Behavioral Emails That Keep Customers Coming Back (with Examples from My Inbox)


 A little email marketing automation can go a long way in keeping customers happy.

Marketing doesn’t end after the conversion. In fact, that’s where it begins.

It costs 7x more to acquire a new customer on average than it does to keep an existing one. Customer retention is too important (and expensive) to overlook.


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