What do you do when your list goes rogue?

Today I’m doing deep analysis of my list – getting the who, what, why, and where of list responses to my offers and information. It’s clear at first blush that my list is heavily populated by ‘learners’. That’s my term for people who gather how-to information and do not buy.

In my experience these are folks who may ‘like’ to engage in an Internet business, but hold back from getting the training and tools necessary for online success. Having these folks on my list is not a bad thing. They help build my brand. They are the first to open a message. First to forward my messages. And they are the first to visit recommended sites.

My solution to this non-problem is putting the learners  in a special list. I send special messages to them, bringing them along with information they want and obviously need. They will self identify as buyers as time goes by. There is no need to send them offers they will ignore. I believe that only clogs their inbox and may create bad will between me and them.

Some associates do not agree with my approach to the learners. They simply have a list created by response to a particular magnet. Many do not split any list between buyers and touchers. I could be reacting with some of my old-school techniques . . . my old-school is marketing before the Internet. Back then we paid high costs for paid advertising, postage, printing and duplication services. Then we tried to get the most by spending the least.

Working online doesn’t incur postage and printing fees. Years ago I used a professional mail house to stuff envelopes for sending to lists up to 30,000 people. Today I can hit a list many times larger than that at no cost other than my time. What a difference a couple of decades make.

Well, your task is building a list for your specific offer.  Here is how to do that. Then make sure you contact that list with messages coordinated to the original opt-in offer.

List management is easy for me. I use AWeber for my list management. AWeber is an easy to use, inexpensive auto-responder and list management tool.

How do you manage  your list? Don’t have one? On average every name on your list is worth $1 a month. Yep, the money is in the list.

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