You have it or you don’t!


There are two ways you get money.

Earn it or steal it.

Some people try to dream their way to money. The dreamers buy a lottery ticket now and then. Some buy lots of lottery tickets. Their odds of winning are 20,000,000 to one, or so.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning or a falling meteor than winning any lottery.

Assuming you don’t want to steal it think about earning it.

Does a desire to have more money burn inside you? Then you are already on your way to getting it.

But you have to work for it. Not working a J-O-B. The money I’m talking about if much more than you can earn at a J-O-B. I’m talking about FREEDOM money.

Do you truly desire freedom from worry? Do you burn inside to be free of debt. Do you ache to have enough money for great vacations? Or paying for college? Or getting the retirement you deserve?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of a better life. You have to act to achieve your dreams. You have to do something to get what you desire.

The question is, “Are you acting on that desire?” Are you doing what it takes to make the kind of money others only dream about?

I make my money on the Internet. People ask me how to make money online. I usually respond quickly with a few facts or direct folks to what I’ve written on the subject.

If I think someone is serious I’ll give a few minutes to describe what I do. Then I ask a simple question, “Are you ready to start making money online now? Are you ready to begin this very minute?”

If there is hesitation I know the answer is no. Only when you are ready to commit immediately do you want to do something. Ponder and you are not ready. Only when you take action are you committed.

To make money online takes a full and complete commitment. Anything less and you are one of the 97% who are unsuccessful making a livable income on the Internet.

Starting a business is serious stuff. You simply cannot succeed if you are not ready and able to give it everything you have to give.

Now, that doesn’t mean quitting your job and abandoning your family. It means setting aside some portion of each day or week to your business. It means keeping a schedule of business hours during which nothing can intrude.

Your commitment includes learning what you do not know and putting new skills into action. Your commitment develops new habits that allow you to overcome struggles sure to come along. Your commitment becomes what you are.

When you are committed you enter into a pact with yourself to be the best you can be. Certainly, you may not earn as much as the online big dogs. But, you can certainly make more money than at your present job. Think about that.

Do you want to make more money next month than you make this month? An online business is one place where you are in control of your destiny. You have no boss. You are the boss. You have no one telling you what thing to do next. You set your own schedule.

Your job is creating habits making you successful. Do not measure your success by how many dollars you make. Measure success by far you come as a person, the lifestyle you can afford, and what you provide for your family. Measure success by your contribution to the community and the number of people you help along the way.

You cannot achieve success without commitment. Your commitment is nothing without action. Only action gets you to where you want to go. Some of us are the tortoise and others are the hare.

The objective is doing our best each day and accomplishing more each day than yesterday.

The objective is determining who we want to be, the life we want to lead, and getting that life. You can do it . . . if you start today, because tomorrow never comes.

Click on any of the highlighted sections of this post. That’s the first step. Start today. Take action now. Be part of the 3% making good money online.

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The important thing is taking the first step. Don’t muddle around half trying one thing or another. Go full bore and learn how to make life changing money.

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