All of us get into a funk once in a while. I mean the ‘business blahs’ when you’d rather be anywhere else doing something different or nothing at all. blahs

Too often some of act as if paralyzed. This is especially true when taking care of business when we do not feel like it. We jump at the chance to get into a pickup basketball game or join our friends in a favorite pastime. Why do we often hit a wall when doing something important?

When that happens do something, anything, as long as it relates to your business. Don’t clean your desk or play with email. Attack your ‘to-do’ list with energy and don’t worry if what you are doing is good or not. Whatever you do for your business is okay as long as you do something and do it now. Of course I don’t mean setting a fire or trashing your computer. That’s silly. I mean doing something, anything to move toward your goals is okay and you should do it.

A mentor says, “If it is worth doing it is worth doing poorly.” In other words do not let the fear of a mistake keep you from doing something. Do not worry about being perfect.  A psychologist friend once told me, “Most people don’t know what is okay. They never reach their full potential by holding themselves back because they do not know what is okay.” So, here are some tips to help you know that in business just about everything is okay.  Let’s use writing a blog as the example.

  1. Write a series of blog posts now.  Just start key stroking into your word processor what is on your mind. Write and write without rereading, editing or taking a break. Let the thoughts flow. You will be surprised how much you can transcribe in an hour and with simple editing you have two, three, or more posts within that one writing session.
  2. If you have trouble putting your thoughts on paper get a voice recognition program like Dragon and talk your thoughts like telling a friend about your business and why you got into it. I often use Dragon software, but prefer keying in my words. I learned what we called touch typing when very young and can type faster than most people. I like to see the words come together on a page. Whatever works for you….do it and do it now.
  3. Ask for help when really stumped. Most of us making money on line respond well to people who try to solve a problem on their own before waving a white flag. Researching an answer is more involved than looking up my email address and asking me. Give it a try. You will be amazed at what you learn along the way.
  4. Rinse and repeat. After taking action do it again. Make action a habit. Laziness is a habit easily broken. Force yourself to action. Many overweight people gain pounds eating when they are bored. They would shed unwanted body weight with an activity that absorbed their thoughts completely. No boredom, no eating. Simple. The same is with business. Notice how time flies when fully engaged like when having fun?
  5. Focus – focus – focus – focus. Writing a successful blog means writing about your passion. Do not write about my passion or copy someone else. Write about your passion. Ben Franklin wrote, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” I have that posted above my computer screen and work hard to achieve either choice.
  6. Keep a list of problems. Sometimes we just cannot think of the first words to put on paper or your computer screen. Whenever you encounter a business or work problem write a simple one line description of the problem. Then when you get stuck look at your problem list and write a solution for one or more and make each solution a blog post.
  7. Look at your customer.  Keep your customers and clients in mind. What do they want to know? What problems do they need help solving? Use comments posted on your blog to generate ideas for future blog posts.

Many years ago I worked for a technology company that spent tons of money developing a solution for a problem not considered a problem by customers.  It was a nifty device that brought crowds to our trade show booth and generated no sales. Make sure you know what your customers (readers) want to know or want to have in their tool kit.

Good luck with your work today and remember the purpose of business is to create customers.


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