Some affiliate marketers  feel like they’ve been stabbed UOPM Cover
in the back after they learn this…

Most actually NEVER learn this, and they are happily ‘getting-on-by’, although they are missing out on all the big profit centers that should be seen in their business…

…Yet these profit centers are totally hidden and elusive to them. I’ll tell you what it is in just a second. But first, let me tell you the average scenario.

If you’re an online affiliate marketer, you’ll know this is pretty much the norm. And if you’re a product creator, you’re probably doing pretty much the same thing too.

There’s a product being promoted. The front-end may be $17-$47.00 and a percentage of the sales price goes to the Affiliates promoting the product.

Then you’ve got an OTO (One-Time Offer) …Maybe its $47-$197.00. Again, with a percentage going to the affiliates.

THAT is the typical launch or affiliate promo you’ll most often see. Commissions usually vary from 50%-100%. Best case, some *more advanced* marketers may cut you in on the profits from a Webinar put on a few days after the launch. But it’s usually not much, if anything.

Here’s the dirty little secret that most don’t know about the top companies out there. It’s where over 80% of their profits come from. Profits they’re getting from traffic you generated and sales you’re sending them!

It’s in the High Ticket Back-End.

Meaning, you sell the product, give them the lead (and new sales leads go into their sales funnel – not yours!), and MAYBE you make a few bucks on the front-end. And then they have a killer up-sell process and offer High Ticket programs to your leads to those really serious about building their business and taking it to the next level.

And believe me, whether you realize this or not, there are people like this in everybody’s list. Some of these programs go from $2,000 up to $50,000 and beyond! Now, have YOU been getting commissions from the ‘guru’s’ on these High Ticket Sales?

Most likely, NO. You are not.

And there is a good chance that you didn’t even know that this was going on. Imagine what it would feel like to get consistent commissions in the range of $1,000-$9,000…all on the back-end fulfillment from the Guru.

That’s why many feel stabbed in the back from the product creators that are leveraging all your hard work on the front-end and are making all the profits without giving you a lucrative cut.

Until recently, there was really no way to ‘fix’ this issue, unless you were willing to create your own products and your own intricate high ticket selling process on the back-end. Which for most people, they just don’t know how to even START doing something like that.

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