Again I am asked how it is possible to make money on the Internet. Well, here is one short example. You enter into an affiliate agreement with a company or affiliate agency. That is the easy part.

The company provides an ad to place on your web site. That ad has a code that when someone clicks on it they are redirected to an offer page. You are then paid for what is known as one click through. If the person clicking on that ad buys the product advertised  you are also paid a commission.

Here is one set of statistics on earnings via click through ads.

A click through rate (CTR) is the rate at which an advertisement on a web page is clicked per 100 ad impressions (views).

The average standard banner ad CTR is 5% – 9%

The average amount earned per click is $0.20 – $0.55

If the site gets 30,000 hits per month the revenue is $1,485/month (est.)

The low end (5% CTR) is $300/month (est.).


You can see the key to earning money on the Internet is developing a site that draws traffic…lots of traffic. Then you monetize the site two ways: 1. Get visitors to give you their email address by offering something in return. Then use that list you build to direct offer products and services. 2. Creatively place ads on your site and generate CTR dollars.

Earning some money on the Internet is rather easy. Earning a living is something else. Only 2% of all people who try actually earn money with an online business. When you think of how many people actually give it a go earners make up a huge number worldwide.

Some people actually get rich with online businesses. A friend made well over $125,000 last month alone. And that was from only one source of online revenue. The list of people making that kind of money is extremely long. I am in the top 10% of online business earners, but I’ve been at it for nearly 5-years.

Networking is the key. You have to meet and get to know people who earn online to be successful. But, that’s an article for another day.

Any ads you see on this site are sponsors who pay me for ad placement. I am paid when  you buy an advertised product.  

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