You can make money while you sleep.

Sure, you can make money online while you sleep. Many of us do. However, you will not do that immediately by buying some big-promise money-making software or signing up to a money-making program.

Either of those things usually make money only for the people selling them.

Those who make money while sleeping have built businesses that generate income over different time zones all hours of the day. They are affiliate marketers, usually. That’s the easiest method for getting into an Internet business.

Others may be part of an enterprise like MOBE (My Online Business Enterprise). MOBE is a franchise operation. Just like buying a fast food franchise you buy into MOBE and make that a foundation for your Internet business.

I recommend that you learn more about both methods – affiliate marketing and MOBE. Each benefits from a common skill set that’s easy to put into motion.

MOBE is unique and very successful. Learn more by clicking on this link. MOBE guides you through many aspects of making money online with a personal coach, 21-step training program, and many opportunities to meet other members of the MOBE family at local functions and exotic locations.

Free Email Marketing Tutorials

Many affiliate marketers build their programs around email marketing. My email service provider of choice is Aweber. I’ve used Aweber for years and recommend it.

You can get started with Aweber for no cost. There’s a small monthly charge after the free trial period is over. It’s usually no more than you pay for a few lattes at Starbucks.

Aweber offers free email marketing tutorials. They are concise, easy to understand, and very helpful. Use this link to get started with your free trial.

Why use email marketing?

It’s said, “The money is in the list,” meaning that building one or more email lists allows you to keep in contact with your customers. Some believe that each name on an email list equals $1 per month income.

What I do know is a certain percent of people receiving an email message will open the email. Then a consistent certain percent of those people click on an offer link. And a percentage of them will purchase. And a percentage of people purchasing an item will also buy the up-sale offer.

That’s the way email marketing works.

It’s the same for all advertising and selling. The Home Depot, for example, knows that each day a certain number of people will enter their stores. Of that group a certain number will actually purchase something. Statistically the company knows those who buy particular items will also buy companion products.

I’d be surprised if the Home Depot cannot predict within reasonable margin of error its annual revenue. That’s how well-run operations work. Measure your input. Then measure your return. Learn what pays off best. Then amplify that aspect of your business offer.

Knowing what works is the bedrock of “rinse and repeat”. Know your business and keep doing what give the greatest return.

Think about it. Suppose you send out an email broadcast every Friday. Look at your statistics for each send. (Aweber provides me with virtually all stats I need to evaluate my program). Manage your effort based on what works and what doesn’t.

Another trick is to learn from social media what resonates with your followers. Why did a particular post get more responses (likes, shares, comments) than other posts?  Quite often I take the stronger response posts and fashion an e-book to use as a lead magnet. That builds my list.

Every name = $1 a month, remember. Oh, some lists have greater value generating more than a $1 return each month.

So, why use email marketing? It is virtually free. In past life (before the Internet) I was expert at direct mail marketing. Then we crafted offers, printed them, used an outside firm to insert the offer into envelopes addressed to each person on our mailing list, and paid quite a bit of money for postage.

That process took a few weeks. Now I can craft a message before breakfast and send it immediately. At no cost other than my time and monthly Aweber fee.

And I’m asked why use email. This is the best time for marketers. And the Internet is key to making a living these days.

Go to Aweber and sign up for a free trial. Take advantage of their tutorials. Contact me for information how to effectively use email marketing for your business.

Learning Affiliate Marketing

There’s a lot to learn about affiliate marketing. The lessons are not hard. There’s just many considerations how to do it effectively.

Affiliate marketing is simply driving customer prospects to offers. If the prospect makes a buy you earn a commission.

Amazon is the starting point for many affiliate marketers. It’s easy to sign up and get your unique affiliate link. Then you promote specific products or product niches. If your effort is effective you get ‘clicks’ on your unique link. If that results in a sale you get a commission from Amazon.

Sign up for RSS feeds of my posts and receive detailed information how to get started as an affiliate marketer.

Final Thought

Remember what you post online is there forever. That’s why you want to do things right. Tiny mistakes can cost you many dollars. Think of it this way. You have a successful web site or social media post driving customers to an offer. That offer pays commission worth $10 a sale. Your link completes 10 sales a month delivering $100 a month to you.

You never change that site or post and it delivers $1,200 a year consistently. Five years from now you have earned $6,000 from a site or social media post you never changed from day one. Think of what you can do with $6,000.

Or you made a mistake in the post or site and sales are never made. You miss making that $100 a month. Don’t make mistakes. Learn how to conduct your business properly.

Oh, yes you can make money while you sleep. You can make money from sites never visited once they’re launched. You just have to know how to do it.

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