I remember well a lesson from my days marketing technology products: “If  you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” Along with ‘measure twice – cut once’ that advice has proven its value again and again.

These days relying on social media for much online money-making success means we must learn how to measure our success or failure. My adage is ‘what you know gets you started and what you don’t know kills you (or your business).

So, how do we measure our success? Of course sales revenue is the big kahuna of online money-making measurements. Yet, are we leaving money on the table by fumbling along instead of careful crafting our efforts? A resounding YES is the answer … without analyzing our work vs results we are indeed fumbling along.

This is true for all advertising and product promotion. Ever since the great advertising pioneer Claude C. Hopkins published his landmark book “Scientific Advertising” in 1923, successful advertisers always analyze results. Others, merely try and fail or succeed without knowing one result from the other.

So, my riches seeking reader use this information well and learn how to best use social media to your online money-making advantage.


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