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It’s easy to get your sales people beyond product bullet points.  Here’s a simple method I used when Director of Marketing and Sales at a networking division of a major aerospace company.

When creating a telemarketing center with out call people very skilled in selling by phone we quickly learned, the sales prompt sheets did not cover information the customer wanted.  Many businesses fall prey to this trap.  That is telling the customer what we think is important rather than share what the customer wants to know.

We solved the problem and elevated in house-sales morale by having staff record questions they could not answer.  Our engineering Read the rest of this entry

Easy Money

Depending where you’re located local utilities may provide money-saving services of great benefit.  An example is Southern  California Edison (SCE –  This web site displays SCE’s coverage area and  provides details of SCE’s many business assistance services.

California is a notoriously expensive place to operate a business. For nearly twenty years SCE has invested heavily in economic development programs to retain and expand wealth creating businesses in its service delivery area.

I’ve partnered with SCE on many projects, often saving companies up to $100,000 or more. These savings go directly to the business’ bottom line and may be recurring.  Energy programs are offered with California’s  Public Utilities Commission consent and some come and go.  Contact SCE’s business assistance unit via the link above.  Establish a relationship with a SCE business development rep.  But first, do an internal audit of your company’s specific plans.  If you are relocating, contact SCE before doing modifications of the new site.

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Your Assets

Your greatest asset is your name.  Second greatest is what you know.  Third greatest is not who you know, but who knows you.  Think about it.

What you know gets you started and what you don’t know puts you out of edison's first light bulb business.  All too often we do not know what we do not know.  That’s why we succeed with help of mentors more often than not.  The other path is learning by our mistakes.  Thomas Edison said when asked about failing 10,000 times attempting to invent the light bulb, “I learned 10,000 ways not to build a light bulb.”

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