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5 Weak Words to Avoid & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

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5 Weak Words to Avoid & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

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How To Attract More Buyers

Are there really “Secrets” to mastering Internet traffic and getting more buyers?

You bet there are.

Without them Internet money-making rock stars would be just like the rest of us . . . working extra hard to make a few bucks online.

How did these ‘rock stars’ learn these secrets?

The same way Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. They experimented. Top earners are self taught. They are the pioneers blazing paths to solid Internet incomes.

My advice to the rest of us is: Buy a training course! Get one taught by the Internet top 1% money-makers. These top earners make $1,000,000+ every year. Some make much, much more than that one million a year.

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Long-Tail Keywords – Worth The Effort?


This article by Jill kocher first appeared on

I’m reprinting it here because successful affiliate marketing has a “use all tools” foundation. Carefully choosing correct keywords and long-tail keywords are important to my marketing mix.

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Learn These Skills, Be More Persuasive, And Grow Your Business

Skills 3 Persuasive people have a knack of getting what they want. They are people very good at getting other people to do what they want, especially at work. History remembers these people, usually leaders of movements, companies, armies, and countries. Just how does someone rise from often humble beginnings to lead a nation or grand army?

Why was Hannibal able to get his armies to following him against great odds and succeed at warfare? Why would anyone put faith in an ungainly man like Abraham Lincoln who began getting notice in Illinois byways? Is persuasion inbred or something we can learn?

Business success demands positive approaches and getting to ‘yes’. Getting to ‘yes’ means reaching agreement. Usually that agreement is for the exchange of thing of value. My product for your money is the basis of all business. But that agreement is only possible after both parties are positioned for it.

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4 Things Customers Want

Be The Type of Person - canstockphoto18515232



Want greater business success?

Understand this and you’ll get all the business you can handle:

People do business with people:

  1. They Like
  2. Who act like they want their business
  3. Who deliver what they promise
  4. Who don’t give them a headache


Now, just apply what it takes to satisfy each of those points and you’ll quickly overwhelm the competition.

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