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Top 10 Email Marketing Must-Haves

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Anna Pfeiffer , a marketing strategist at marketing automation services provider Bronto Software, identifies her top 10 must-have components for a successful email marketing program. Here they are:


  1. Creative and content that are engaging to your subscribers:Convey your brand personality and interact with your subscribers, Pfeiffer said. For example, ask them questions, seek out their feedback. She cited three examples of retailers effectively using engaging content: West Elm offering design tips to its subscribers; Crate and Barrel’s seasonal tips for outdoor furniture care; and Uncommon Goods providing background information on where its products are sourced from.

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How to Make Your Next Sale


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Selling is easy.

Have a product somebody wants.

Find that person.

Ask them to buy.

Most of us go wrong because:

  1. We have a bad product,
  2. We sell to the wrong audience,
  3. Our pricing is wrong,
  4. We make a bad offer.

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Behavioral Emails That Keep Customers Coming Back (with Examples from My Inbox)


 A little email marketing automation can go a long way in keeping customers happy.

Marketing doesn’t end after the conversion. In fact, that’s where it begins.

It costs 7x more to acquire a new customer on average than it does to keep an existing one. Customer retention is too important (and expensive) to overlook.


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Why Facebook is a Marketing Automation Powerhouse

By Dennis Yu


We told you Facebook was getting into marketing automation.

Let’s look at some of the specifics and examine the implications.

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4 Content Lessons from Leading Blogs, for 2015



Content marketing, which seeks to attract site visitors and, ultimately, customers, is one of the most popular trends in marketing. The key is producing interesting, useful, or entertaining articles, images, or video that folks will seek out.

In a 2012 article, I wrote, “Great blogs are often the result of great content in the form of a well-written post, an illuminating infographic, or an excellent video. People are attracted to the substance of the content, [and that substance] can be very difficult to reproduce when you’re trying to start or improve your business blog.”

The point was that the intangible part of content marketing is less repeatable than are other factors. In the 2012 article, I examined 17 blogs and online journals, paying attention to how often each published, the average word count for a sample of articles and posts, and the total time that the blog or journal had been publishing. In effect, I was looking for structural or easy-to-reproduce features that might have some impact on readability and popularity, and, therefore, could help marketers improve blog performance.

Now, three years later, I’ve taken another look at ten of the blogs and journals from that article to see how these structural features have changed. The results are four lessons that content marketers can learn about the structure of articles on popular blogs and online journals. Interestingly, three of the findings were unchanged.

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