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Yes, you can make money on the Internet!

Yes, you can make money on the Internet. Some of us make a lot and others not so much.

It is not for everyone, mostly because it is w-o-r-k. And there are a lot of scams out there. Find someone you trust to tell you the truth with simple facts in simple language and you can make some extra bucks fairly fast.

Depending on the approach you take the learning curve may be steep or an easy climb. Most of all, do not be overwhelmed by confusing new words used to describe a fast growing industry. You need to know 98% of people working at making money on the Internet fail to do so. Yet, with the zillions of Internet users worldwide the 2% money making group is not a hard club to join.

I started doing some Internet stuff about five years ago.  Along the way I moved from wasting my time and earning nothing to become one of the top 10% Internet earners. With each passing month I’m now edging my way up the chain.

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Success For Old Business Using New Skills

movies While watching some of the Oscar broadcast last night I had a thought that recurs often.  No matter what you think of Hollywood, actors, or motion pictures in general, the film industry is one that advances more quickly than most.  Everyone involved must constantly update their skills or fall to the side.

An example is the best director award went to Ang Lee for a film that was more technology based than live action in front of a camera.  My point is this, what have you done over the past few months to advance your professional skills?

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Be Consistent in What You Do and Grow Your Business

Here’s a common sense email I received from James Wedmore, a guy who james wedmore knows what he’s talking about.  Check out his web site jameswedmore.com.  Please excuse the formatting, but, as I said, this is a direct copy of an email I received.

“What’s the secret to success?”

“What’s the blueprint for building a million
dollar company?”

HA!  Don’t you wish questions like this had simple one-word answers?!  Heck, I know I do!


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