It’s hard if not impossible for a team to win when it has no confidence in leadership.  The coach, captain, self appointed locker room stump speech maker have to inspire for you to believe you and your teammates can and will win.  Self visualization techniques often prove that visioning your success promotes achievement.  Leadership is learned. With practice it seems ‘natural’.

Teach yourself the difference between wanting to win and not wanting to lose.  Most today simply do not want to lose. In a down economy many of us have l Jean Valjean ost a lot. Do not be afraid.  Put yourself on the line without fear of losing more.

It is interesting how man will risk much to maintain the status quo and will not take a risk to make great gains.  Think of the story Les Misérables. The hero Jean Valjean risked all for a loaf of bread.

Think of the risks you take every day. You speed while driving. You procrastinate. You ignore vows of clean living, eating high calorie fast food. What about the risk of not exercising? Think of what a simple walk around the block will do for your well being.

You take silly risks with no positive return. Start today and achieve what you desire. The best time to start anything is now. The best starting place is where you are. My advice today is simply make sure your decisions are informed and your risks are calculated.


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