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Selling is easy.

Have a product somebody wants.

Find that person.

Ask them to buy.

Most of us go wrong because:

  1. We have a bad product,
  2. We sell to the wrong audience,
  3. Our pricing is wrong,
  4. We make a bad offer.

Let’s take a closer look at why we our sales are off.

  1. Successful selling means we care about the product. We have to believe in the product we offer.

If we don’t care about what we sell why should the buyer care? If we don’t care about the product the buyer won’t either.

Would you buy anything from someone not passionate about the offer?

  1. We’re selling ice to Eskimos. We haven’t matched our product to the right audience.

For many that means we haven’t researched the proper key words and phrases important to targeting buyers for our product.

I no longer play golf. What are your chances of selling me a set of clubs?

  1. Our prices are off the mark. Sometimes we price too low. If it seems too good to be true, etc.

I see TV commercials for some price bidding site where people buy $1,000 TVs for $29.95. That just doesn’t make sense to me. So, I don’t bother.

Or I know how much I should pay (ballpark figure) for a widget. Then I see an offer for the thing at an inflated price. I immediately want to know what else adds value to the offer.

No added value, no sale. Most people understand value. Most buy at the cheapest price. Unless they trust you and your brand commands a higher price the buyer goes somewhere else.

  1. We just make a bad pitch. How do successful sellers offer the product? Does our offer make sense to a prospect?

It’s amazing how many bad online offers I see. With so many people online I am sure somebody buys this stuff.

Run your offer past a trusted pair of eyes and ears. Make sure your offer passes the ‘smell’ test.

The key is to build a relationship with your buyers. Like any relationship buyers are forgiving. The allow mistakes every so often.

Think about the adage, “Selling comes after the sale”. Do not do anything to damage the relationship with your buyers.

Always offer value. Make every deal a good deal. The buyer wants to ‘feel good’ after making a purchase.

Every once in a while give something of value to your buyers. Give it away. Do not charge. Make it valuable and matched to the customer.

Let’s wrap this up.

If you want to successfully sell online:

  • Match a good offer with a targeted buyer,
  • Use T-E-A-M when crafting your offer. . . Timely, Easy to understand, Accurate, Meaningful,
  • Don’t sell anything you do not use or have not tested,

Remember this:

  • People do business with people they like, and
  • Who act like they want their business, and
  • Who deliver what they promise, and
  • People do business with people who don’t give them a headache.

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