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Surprising the Internet marketing lessons you learn when shopping at a big box DIY store.

I went to one nearby to pick up a couple of items. Inside the entrance was a simple display manned by an eager looking duo that captured no one’s attention.

Usually the first thing people do when entering is look up at direction signs taking them to where products are they’ve come to buy. A blah display for solar power gets no one’s attention.

I spoke with the solar power folks for a moment asking how many sales they get selling as they were. You can guess the answer.

Why do so many companies market so poorly? What’s the upside to paying a couple of folks to stand for hours behind a banner giving no reason for anyone to pay attention? Oh, by the way, I understand private residence solar power installation isn’t doing well these days.

Searching for what I wanted to buy store signage gave me only general direction. No personnel were available to direct me to what I needed. It took too long to find what I wanted.

On my way to checkout something caught my eye and I asked about it. Yeah, before I could not find someone to help with my purchase. But, it was easy to grab a worker to ask about something in my sight line I didn’t need or want.

That pleasant guy knew nothing about the product. Although he worked in that department he could not answer any basic questions. Nor did he direct me to the store’s web site for information. I could see a few computer terminals nearby. It would be very easy to take me to one and look up the item on the store’s site. Nah. Nothing like that happened.

So, what did I learn Internet marketing lessons did I take away from that shopping experience?

Internet Marketing Lesson #1.

The store operated like many online marketers. Let’s start with the solar energy sellers. They were out of place and got in the way of my product search. Ever go to a web site for specific information and have a popup get in the way? Or have to endure a 30-second video on nothing of interest before getting to what you want from the site?

Internet Marketing Lesson #2.

The signage was too basic. Think of it as a keyword. Department signs need to lead you to specific product aisles. They need to be in the language of the customer.

The end aisle signs did stretch the keyword longer. But, nothing in the aisle gave me the long-tail needed to accurately and efficiently find what I wanted. I wandered along hunting and pecking lost in misdirection.

Internet Marketing Lesson #3.

The ill trained employee reminded me of a poorly structured web site. He was a dead-end. A good site let’s you search for what you want. Or has clear tabs and guides you through the information experience.

The Internet simply connects people with a product or information. A human employee is on site to do the same.

Internet Marketing Conclusion

Among many reasons I like online marketing is we control the experience. We do not need to make mistakes like I point out above. However, we need to ensure we are doing the right thing at the right time.

You may be new to making money online and unsure of elements necessary for an effective sales funnel. In that case start with an offer not requiring you to put all the pieces together. Then as you earn you can learn the proper way to construct your Internet business.

Or before beginning your venture acquire some knowledge by reading a book and learning from someone who is already making money online.

You do not have to make basic mistakes I experienced in a retail operation employing nearly 400,000 people worldwide. Just take a deep breath, sit back, relax, and say, “I am an Internet marketer. Now is my time to get what I want from life.”

Then get on with it. Click here for a good starting place.

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