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Let’s set the record straight about making money online. Just about anyone can make some money on the Internet.

I often joke when people ask me how to make fast money online saying, “Sell your car on eBay.” Well, that’s more accurate than a bad attempt at humor. Want to make fast money online? Sell something on eBay or Amazon. I do that often.

Amazon provides me good return for my work. But it is not my primary method for making money online.

You see, no operation makes it selling just one thing in one size and one color. Yes, Henry Ford did that successfully. That’s when he made and sold the famous Model T. There were no options. The only color was black. But he sold to an eager market. And people bought 16.5 million of them. The Model T Ford is the #1 selling auto of all time.

Walk around a dealership today. Look at all the stuff you can buy. Today auto dealerships sell lots of branded stuff from beyond a selection of car models. You can buy everything from floor mats to apparel. Or key rings, coffee mugs, and even bicycles and related gear.

Apply that thinking to your online business.  That way you pick up easy money along the way.

My key method for making money on the Internet is MOBE. That’s a real business opportunity combining the strength of license and the variety of affiliate products. Check it out and learn how many, many people worldwide are making solid earnings via approximately $60,000,000 in commissions paid out to affiliates and licensees.

I also shore up my business with Amazon and other niche sites. A niche site is where you offer products and services solving needs in narrow areas of interest. I have sites focused on my personal interest areas and physical conditions.

These sites focus on recreation, travel, wellness, and personal development. Niche sites are low-cost, easy to maintain, and generate sustainable income month after month. You don’t get rich off one such site. But have many with each generating profit month-after-month and the bucks added up.

I built my business over time. Some are faster than me. Others take longer. I think MOBE is a faster method for making money online. After completing the 21-step training offered licensees most begin making money within 30 – 60 days.

It took me longer. When I started with MOBE I didn’t have enough ready cash for paid advertising. I also made some mistakes by not following carefully recommendations of my coach.

You can make money online on a shoe string, so to speak. But the return comes much slower. Paid advertising is definitely the way to go. You can run an effective campaign with as little as $500 a month. But, let’s discuss how to stretch your marketing when on a low budget.

The first thing is to learn the ins and outs of a particular method of advertising. For now let’s concentrate on pay-per-click or PPC. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. MOBE training provides detailed instruction how to organize and start your PPC campaign.

I advertise on Bing primarily. It is cheaper and I get good results. Google Adwords are very effective, but you pay more per click. I usually try out a campaign on Bing starting with $5 a day. Then I scale up, increasing daily expenditure and massaging the campaign elements for better returns.

When I have a solid campaign running on Bing I may take that campaign to Adwords, starting at $5 a day.

If I am spending only $20 a day total that gives me a $600 monthly ad budget. I want to extend that, but don’t want to put more money in the pot. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Write a blog post of 500 – 1,000 words. The subject has to be consistent with your sales campaign. If you don’t have a blog, post that content on LinkedIn.
  2. Make sure the post content contains links to your offer or landing page.
  3. Send a broadcast email to your list with a link to the entire article.
  4. Resend the email to your list every third day for two weeks with a different subject line.
  5. Convert the post to a pdf with a good designed cover page and offer as a lead magnet on social media
  6. Post on Facebook an interesting image with a link to the post.
  7. Do the same for Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, and other social media sites. Always have links to your landing page.
  8. Use Buffer and schedule your social media posts. Reword the message and schedule many posts to Twitter over several days.
  9. Create a video using a simple video program. Read the post in a conversational voice.
  10. Create a video using Lumen5. This is a new free cloud-based program that’s very easy to use. And you don’t have to appear on screen, if that’s a worry for you.
  11. Do not record audio using a built in PC, Mac, or Laptop mic. I use a $25 USB mic (Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390). Record the audio using Audacity – a great free utility.
  12. Post the video on YouTube and Facebook. Then promote across all social media, using Buffer to schedule social media posts.
  13. Use the audio to start a podcast series.

Oh, you say you cannot write well enough to post to social media or a blog. Pay someone to write for you. Fiverr is easy and cheap. Elance is more costly and takes more time to complete. Don’t sell yourself short, you can write well enough to satisfy your campaign needs.

If you do not want to be on camera you can use slides to get your message across on YouTube. There are many ways to create videos cheaply. What you want to do is post your videos on a schedule. When starting a new video series I scripted 30 episodes before uploading the first video.

Another method for creating a post and repurposing it as described above is grabbing an article on the subject published by someone else. Write a paragraph or two introducing the piece. Give full attribution to the writer. Then post it as described above.

You can quote others in a podcast or video. This is not plagiarism. You are not stealing another’s work as long as you give full credit and publish the work or segment as written. Just do not claim the work of others as your own.

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