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I’ve discussed the FTC Disclosure guidelines multiple times in past issues of Sound Bites. Most of the examples the FTC provides in all of its documentation is aimed at influencer marketing. While affiliate programs can be promoted using influencer marketing, it’s not even close to being the only avenue one can use to promote affiliate offers.

The lack of direct focus on Disclosure concerning affiliates has left a lot of affiliates and merchants confused. Some affiliates genuinely don’t understand how Disclosure applies to them, or how to ensure they’re conforming to the guidelines. Some tell themselves that because their method of affiliate promotion hasn’t been addressed directly, that they can avoid dealing with Disclosure until the documentation does. Others ignore it altogether.
I want to be clear on something: the FTC Disclosure guidelines are not suggestions – they are rules. And ignoring these rules not only have the potential to land you in the middle of a lawsuit from the FTC, but also have the potential to void any affiliate commissions you’ve earned from a merchant.
This week an in-depth post I wrote covering the FTC Disclosure guidelines and how they affect affiliates was published on Marketing Land. If you’re using affiliate links, you need to read this post. Then do your fellow affiliates a favor and share it.
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