I heard an interesting comment at my Dot Com Lifestyle meet up a couple of weeks ago about the difference between knowing something and being able to figure something out.

Are you like me and often get by just figuring it out as you go along? That is my method for getting into trouble and it has been most of my life. I just don’t have the patience to stick with the learning process and start off as soon as I figure out how to start the engine and give it gas. Oh, well, I’ll learn about using brakes Do it now 2x1.5 later on.

For many years I’ve had to force myself to take time to learn things so I can teach them to someone else. That way I have to know the subject so I can answer questions posed to me. It is not in my nature to take time doing it this way, but I understand to be successful you have to know what you’re going to do next before you are asked.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in your knowledge. I still think the best way is to start from wherever you are. My friend and mentor Adam Urbanski says, “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly.” Think about that for a moment. He’s not advocating slap-dash, just get-it-out-the-door thinking. No, what Adam and I say is go with what you have. Make it better as you go along, but just get started with the tools you have at the moment. Learn more here http://jaro310.linktrackr.com/AU

1.       You probably use Facebook. Think of when you opened your account.  It took minutes, right? You didn’t think about it, you just did it. Now if you want to use Facebook for business what do you do? My recommended first step is to learn how to use this powerful social media tool. Here’s the best training available http://jaro310.linktrackr.com/FB. Whether you use Facebook for social causes or business, learning the power of this leading communication channel brings great rewards. Do not waste your time fumbling along, trying to get your message across without knowing how to do it effectively.

2.       Don’t wait until finishing the course before putting what you learn into action. Remember when you took a high school shop or science class? You started cutting wood or mixing chemicals from day one, didn’t you? The shortest interest span is that of a child or mine. Keep your interest level up by doing.

3.       Do not expect results or feedback immediately. If you don’t enjoy the doing of anything…don’t do it. If you do not enjoy it you will fail miserably or simply be miserable while failing.

4.       Network with people doing what you do. Learn from them. Share experiences. Broaden your field of vision through the eyes of others. Go to http://www.meetup.com/find/ and find a group near you with interests common to yours.   This is a free service and you will meet fascinating people who will broaden your horizons. And you will broaden theirs.

5.       Share what you know. Start a blog. Just express yourself. Say what you think. Let your thoughts flow. Can’t write you say? Use Dragon voice recognition software and speak your thoughts into Word. Don’t know how to start a blog? Click on this link http://jaro310.linktrackr.com/JC.

6.      Be true to yourself, warts and all. Don’t bother with what others think of you. You are unique and have lots to offer. There are people waiting to know you and learn what you know and they want to share their ideas with you.

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