I’m passionate about my online business. Why would I otherwise be working at it Online business early on a Saturday morning? Or later driving 96 miles RT to attend the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup hosted by John Chow? Nothing thrills me more than checking stats for my various businesses and seeing order reports, cash deposits to my account, or proof of progress for one of my students.

I love my online business. It is what gets me up in the morning  and stokes my fires throughout each day.

Then again I’m passionate about other things, too. Travel, fishing, cycling, and cooking all keep my engine running smoothly. I share my pursuits freely. There is something in them that resonates with my online businesses. Each takes planning. All can be done alone or with others. The success of each is squarely in my lap.

There are no excuses when you lose a hooked Corvina in California’s surf. The same for a meal going wrong. Or when that poorly planned hiking trip is a bummer. But when everything comes together success is sweet.

I learned to cook when I was young. That was about the same time I developed a lifelong interest in chemistry. Never quite figured out the connection. My mother was a great country cook. Her family came from Tidewater Virginia, that cluster of towns near Norfolk that nestle along rivers leading  to the Chesapeake Bay.

All my relatives on that side of the family were Watermen, earning a living fishing, crabbing or raising and harvesting the Chesapeake’s blue point  oysters. I remember great Sunday dinners served late afternoon, usually chicken was the mainstay.

Long before Colonel Saunders fried  his first chicken breast my mother’s pan-fried chicken was a treat beyond any four-star restaurant.  But her topper was roast chicken with all the trimmings. What a joy!

Second on her list of great recipes was chicken and dumplings. I never got her recipe for that sumptuous and comforting meal. But, yesterday while surfing my way around the Internet I landed on a new site that hooked me for quite a while. This URL turned out to be a hidden gem that I want to share with you.

I encourage you to visit this  site for very interesting information of how things were done ‘back in the day’, but also to view a well-organized web package providing excellent information and keeps the visitor engaged.  While there I found this recipe worth sharing. Enjoy.

Chicken & Dumplings

by Granny Miller Chicken-Dumplings-300x225

Chicken and Dumplings is versatile and I never make it the same way twice.
When Chicken and Dumplings are on the menu it is an opportunity to use up any fresh vegetables in the refrigerator that are past their prime. I have used fresh, frozen or canned chicken with good results.

And I’ve used fresh, frozen or canned vegetables and dehydrated onions, celery, carrots and parsley with success.  Canned evaporated or powdered milk works well for the dumplings.

To my way of thinking Chicken and Dumplings is perfect for “off the pantry shelf cooking”.

Chicken & Dumplings are usually made in two parts:

  • First the chicken is stewed.
  •  And then the dumplings are made. The dumplings are cooked on top of the chicken broth for  12 -15 minutes before serving.

Go to www.granny-miller.com for a step-by-step recipe and how-to for Chicken & Dumplings…the meal you won’t find in any restaurant I know.  Roam the site for many other nostalgic items of interest. You’ll be rewarded if you do.

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