No matter what your product or service you definitely benefit by advertising.

It’s said, “A fish lays a million eggs in obscurity and a hen lays one then cackles the news to the world.”

Sometimes it pays off being ‘chicken’ because it pays to advertise.

And Internet advertising is so much easier than traditional print/radio/TV/Outdoor forms of spreading your commercial message.

Businesses in virtually all industries successfully advertise on the Internet. Today you see ads for simple household items to aerospace engineering on the Internet. The companies and people placing these ads earn mucho bucks and gobs of goodwill. digital advertising










In fact Internet advertising (or interactive advertising as the industry calls it) outperforms television advertising revenue. Last year’s 2013 full year internet advertising revenues totaled $42.78 billion, up 17% from the $36.57 billion reported in 2012.

It’s interesting that Mobile advertising (that is digital other than desktop PCs) in the United States totaled $7.1 billion during FY 2013, a 110% increase from the prior year total of $3.4 billion.

Obviously, Internet advertising is a benefit to many advertisers.

Online advertising provides immediate publishing of information and content. We’re able to easily test various ads against one another to determine which is the most effective.

Our online ads have no geographical or time restrictions. We’re able to target our ads to specific audiences via keywords, and readily available demographic selections.

Online advertising gives us the best of all worlds, in my opinion. Especially when people respond to our ads, giving up their email addresses for direct communication by us with a valuable audience. Remember – The Money is in The List!

I advertise many diverse products on the Internet. Some of my ads appear on web sites I own. I place some ads on web sites of others. I use banner ads, solo ads, video ads and Facebook and Twitter ads.

I create my own ads, pay for ad creation at services such as , and use prepared ads provided free as part of affiliate marketing relationships.

You can hire an agency to place your ads or do the placement yourself. Here’s how you do it. Let’s use a local newspaper online edition as where you want to advertise. Contact the online advertising manager and get their ad requirements and costs.

Then use a free service such as Google Display Network to build a banner ad. Once you agree with the online advertising source on placement, frequency and price send your ad via email and Voila! – You are an online advertiser.

Click on the Google Display Network link to see how easy it is to create your own ad.

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