Video - canstockphoto6693432 No doubt video is a top sales tool. Evidence abounds proving that video is great for explaining products/services and educating an eager public about your offer. Of course YouTube is tops for video hosting.

Often overlooked is the great value to posting native videos on Facebook. Here’s an article by Shirley Pattison describing how you and your offers benefit by putting your videos in front of Facebook’s 1.04 daily Facebook active users.

Shirley tells us “

Since Facebook seems to prefer video shared natively (uploaded directly onto the platform) rather than video (on YouTube, for example) that’s merely linked to, so you should try to share videos natively on Facebook.

Videos that are shared natively on Facebook appear in users’ News Feeds and blend seamlessly with other native updates. They begin playing immediately that they appear on the user’s screen, although muted, and users can expand videos to watch them in full screen.

Videos shorter than 21 seconds had the highest completion rate, a Socialakers study found, so you need to be concise with your message.

Click on this link to read the complete article and learn how to use Facebook video for great results.

Making sales videos has never been easier.

There’s no need to invest in exotic video software and setup an expensive recording situation for your audio. Many, including me, generally use little more than a Smartphone to make videos. I edit with a low-cost software program that I’ll describe in another post.

My audio is recorded using Audacity, a free program for PCs. Audacity is easy to use and has a shallow learning curve.

I prefer using a headset mic and bought a Logitech USB headset. It cost less than $30 on Amazon. Some day I may upgrade, but for now the Logitech serves me well. I find a USB connected mic gives better sound quality.

My online business includes many niche sites in several interest areas. All depend on video for consistent revenue streams. You will be amazed with effective low-budget sales videos.

The most important video element not discussed enough is content. Research how-to make videos and many just want to sell you hardware and software. Fortunately, there are several knowledgeable people online offering sound advice and training for creating and using video.

I have a background in video, working as an on-air broadcaster in past life and creating award-winning commercials and short videos. My first piece of advice as with most things is understand why you produce a particular video. What is the purpose?

Without going into too much detail here let’s focus on the basics. Just like every movie you see or TV show you watch – your video must start with a script. Plan your video in advance around a simple keyword. Develop what you want to say based on that keyword. Write down your words as you want to record for a video.

Then develop your visual that supports your spoken words. When you get the visual as you want view it several times without sound. Look for any visual distractions and correct them.  Then lay down your audio.

My top piece of advice is : don’t over produce!  Often the most effective videos are the most simple. I strongly recommend that you not use the camera in your Mac, PC or Laptop. Your phone often does the trick. If you must,  get an inexpensive Go-Pro.  If you shoot outdoors place a windscreen on your mic.

If you are uncomfortable appearing on camera consider hiring a spokesperson from Fiverr or Elance. Fiverr is cost-effective and easy to work with. Elance can be rather involved and pricey. You can get pretty much anything “video” from either service.

My choice is for you to do the videos yourself. It isn’t that hard. And the value of a simple video with you discussing your offer goes a long way establishing your brand.

Don’t strive for perfection. The goal is communicating your offer. Don’t make video creation the end-all of your business.

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