Don’t let failure get you down.

Don’t get discouraged when starting affiliate marketing. Usually the first things you try will fail. They are a learning experience. Do not give up.

Thomas Edison famously failed 10,000 times trying to invent a working lightbulb. He looked at it this way, “I learned 10,000 ways how not to do it”.

Think of starting an affiliate site like learning a sport. You are going to be somewhat terrible at the beginning. Whether you try skiing, or golf, or skeet shooting, or playing the violin . . . you are not going to be Olympic quality at the beginning.

There are no naturals in anything. Some of us may learn faster or understand nuances easier. Some of us may progress more quickly than others. But we all have to learn.

We all go through the same thing.

But none of us are successful at the very beginning of anything. That’s why one of the first things a ski instructor teaches is how to get up after you fall. There is one guarantee with skiing – you are going to fall.

The key is to not give up. Stay with it. If you want to ski go to a five-day school. You will learn much more and be more proficient after 5 continuous days of lessons and practice than you will skiing one day a month over the ski season.

At a ski school  your concentrated lessons are under controlled conditions. You work the same practice area until the instructor thinks you can move up a notch to the next level.

At a ski school you usually spend lunch with other students, bonding via shared observations. There may be an evening event where you get more time to discuss methods and technique with your instructor and fellow students.

You don’t have that success by skiing local hills with friends of varying skill levels.
It’s the same with building your business online. Apply yourself every day. Do what the high earning Internet rock stars do. Copy them. Learn from them. No matter if you don’t like their presentation or style. Don’t worry if you don’t get instant sales. No one gets instant sales.

Join a tribe

Like a ski school you want to attend events and Meetups with others working online. There’s nothing like shared experiences to help you understand how to properly advance your online business.

Move up the learning curve with small continuous steps. Be the tortoise and not the hare. Keep moving in the right direction. Sales will come. Then  you “rinse and repeat”. Once you get some success repeat what you did to get that success.

Success comes with learning how to master the route you’ve chosen. Tasks become second nature when you learn something. Don’t over think anything. Just learn the right way and repeat it . . . again and again.

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