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“You can make money online.”

Understand that.

Believe it.

Repeat before you fall asleep: “I can make money on the Internet.”

Make that your mantra.

There are many people from all walks of life searching for ways to make more money.  The Internet is full of opportunities. Search for jobs or work at home possibilities and what comes up is usually a lot of hype!

Many offers sell “The Dream”. The Dream is telling you how you can make bazillion bucks while you sleep. Some top earners make millions on the Internet. They show you bank account records and sales records to prove what they do is real. But many selling the dream don’t actually make much money at all.

Now, there are a handful of people – I know many of them – that are Internet millionaires. These folks tell you the truth. They make money selling what they know, often teaching others how to make money online. Many develop products valuable to us working online.

What separates them from you is:

They Know What They Are Doing! 

And they’ve usually been at it for many years.

The rest of us are not likely to make millions on the Internet like online rock stars. But we can make more online than working for someone else.

There’s a saying, “It’s not about where you are. It’s about how far you’ve come.”

Don’t compare your situation to that of someone else. Look at your situation today compared to where you started. If a few years ago you made X dollars a year and now you make 2 or 3X – that’s pretty good, isn’t it?

So, if you make $30K a year now and start working online and make an added $25K, that’s life changing for most of us. You are on your way to becoming a full time Internet entrepreneur.

Oh, another thing. It is not what you make. It is how much you keep. I know a fellow making $100,000 a year. Yet it costs him $60,000 to make that 100k. Be wary of “how much I make” claims. How much do those folks keep from what they make online?

Remember that when you start looking for opportunities to help you make money online!

Want to begin?

Don’t focus on negative thoughts. Start thinking about how great life will be when you earn enough to quit a full-time day job.  It is wonderful working online from the comfort of our home! Or anywhere one has an Internet connection.

I have been doing this online working thing for a while now. I work at home and when traveling. I’ve made money from Internet cafes around the world. Let me share some advice about how to start the right way.

  1. Start Slow!

When starting to make money online, the Internet overwhelms with tons of information.  You’ll often feel buried under mounds of data and advice. Don’t let that happen. You need to take it a little bit every day. Learn as much as you can one piece at a time.

A good way to do this is to keep paper by your computer and take notes. Write down any good websites you find. Later revisit them. Print out information that you will need in the future. Read as much as you can. Then go back and read it again. You need to let it soak in. Your goal is to absorb as much as possible.

You really know something when you can teach it to someone else. Try to learn all there is to know on one subject. Don’t become an everlasting researcher. Just get a solid grasp of each step you must take to make money online.

Give yourself time to research before you try to get started. That way you arm yourself with important necessary knowledge. If still working your day job, try to allow some time in the evenings or on the weekends to do your research.

Also, stay organized!

Nothing is worse than sifting through a huge pile of papers looking for a specific site or web address. Go into this venture from a learning perspective. That makes everything easier down the road.

When working at making money online start with a solid foundation.

Research, learn, study, and staying current are the most important things you can do.

Remember:  your competition often goes without structure. So you are starting many steps ahead.

  1. Find Good Products and Test Them.

When starting out affiliate marketing is a simple starting place. As an affiliate you have the potential to generate sales fast. Along the way you discover a lot of people who know what they are doing. Successful people are often actually are willing to help you. Find successful people and do what they do.

Once you find a good product that you want to try to sell, test the waters. Place some ads in various areas and track sales or lack of sales.

When first starting out, only promote one or two products at a time! Do not promote many products at once. It’s easy to lose focus and concentration. You want to be able to put forth your full effort and see if this product is going to pay off for you.

Keep in mind that a lot of products end up not being successful money makers. If you find that is the case, go back to the drawing board and pick something else. Don’t spend a lot of money until you find a profitable product!

Most starting out don’t have much extra money to spend on advertising. Keeping costs down is important. Your ultimate goal is making a profit.

  1. Get Excited and Don’t Give Up!

Start promoting yourself and your products.  Established and successful web sites have opt-in email lists. Make sure your site (if you have one) encourages people to give you their email address. Usually that is with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is an offer people receive when signing up to get daily or weekly newsletters.

Get your email address on site lists that look helpful to you or your product. Many times, these emails are full of valuable free information.

Reputable companies do not sell or give away your email address. It’s usually safe to go ahead and sign up! Use a special email address when you sign up. Then change it anytime someone violates the agreement and sells your address.

Signing up for credible emails from successful marketers continues the learning process. You receive timely information. The more you can learn the better! Help yourself with emails to family members and close friends. Let them know about your new online adventure!

No, you don’t have to try to sell them anything, but this is an easy way to start getting yourself out there. Please don’t spam anyone, though. Just send it out to those people who you know will be accepting of your emails.

Contact AWeber and set up a free 30-day account. AWeber is a contact management tool. I use it because it is good for business. When someone signs up for your emails their address goes to your designated AWeber list.

When you use the AWeber link in this article and make a purchase I earn money. You pay no more for the service. AWeber pays me a commission for sending you to the AWeber offer. This is an example of affiliate marketing.

I am an AWeber affiliate. When you open your account you can also sign up as an affiliate. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to AWeber and earn commissions.

An advantage of sending emails to family and friends is getting their feedback.  Ask your friends and family to let you know their personal opinions about your products. Get their opinions on your website, too. Get all the feedback they can give.

Get open and honest feedback from those you trust. Then you begin to understand how you will be able to relate to the general public. You’re want people to be your customers someday. And you need to learn how to communicate your message.

 This whole experience working online can be a lot of fun.  Some days will be frustrating. There may even be some frustrating weeks. Keep going, keep working, keep learning, and stay in the game!

There are no people who succeed in making money online if they give up within the first couple of months! The longer you stick with it, the more chance you have to improve your skills. You will get where you want to be. Keep your perspective, and if you need a break, take one. Sometimes, when you’re taking a break, you do your best thinking and get some of your best ideas.

Wrapping Up

I hope I’ve provided you with some basic information for getting started. You can make money online. It is a learning experience, but at least you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Click here for a great starting opportunity. View the video more than once. Understand the offer and money-back guarantee. If you think it’s for you – jump in!

Now, there is much more to know for successful Internet-based ventures. These tips are to get you motivated. You can make money online. No doubt about it. Do it the right way and join thousands around the world living the dot-com-lifestyle.

One other thing: Network constantly. Join an appropriate Meetup. Attend events. Meet people in your niche. Talk to them. Ask questions. Take notes. I believe nothing is real until written down. Writing in long hand helps reinforce ideas and thoughts in my mind. I simply remember better when writing words on paper.

No matter what approach you take understand there’s a world of money-making opportunity awaiting you. Lots of moms and stay at home caregivers make money on the Internet. The web opens options for generating online incomes that weren’t there even a few years ago. This market is open to anyone and everyone. Take it step by step, don’t jump in head first, and learn, learn, learn!

Here’s to your success!

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