Here’s a common sense email I received from James Wedmore, a guy who james wedmore knows what he’s talking about.  Check out his web site  Please excuse the formatting, but, as I said, this is a direct copy of an email I received.

“What’s the secret to success?”

“What’s the blueprint for building a million
dollar company?”

HA!  Don’t you wish questions like this had simple one-word answers?!  Heck, I know I do!


In meeting and analyzing hundreds of other successful business owners, marketers & entrepreneurs, there is ONE quality that I see in every one of these incredible individuals…

What’s that one quality?  Consistency.

Successful marketers are always consistent in their efforts, their actions & their habits.
A lot of marketers attempt to use social media or try video and they come back saying, “It
doesn’t work!”

In fact, I tell my students:

 “Consistency Creates Momentum!”

The most successful business owners who are getting real results have been taking
consistent action for months-even years!  They are proving to the market place that
they are an authority and they are here to stay!

Are you?

Next time you think about trying a new campaign, look at the long-term strategy
and ask yourself if you are willing to do this consistently, or if you’ll give up after a few weeks.

Here are a few GREAT examples of marketing strategies that you need to be consistent in…

* Relationship-building on Facebook

* Youtube Marketing/Video Blogging

* Email Marketing/eNewsletter

* Blogging/Creating Relevant Content

*Growing Your Network

What else can you be consistent with in order to see momentum in your business?

Less is more, and I’d rather you perform two or three consistent actions extremely
well, than try and do everything poorly!

Go out and do something consistently  …and be patient!  😉

Thank you.


James Wedmore

P.S.  A great example of a brilliant marketer  who has been consistent in her actions is
Marie Forleo.  Over a year ago, she began producing a Web TV Show for femal
entrepreneurs on Youtube.  Just when she was ready to give up, I gave her a bit of
encouragement and told her to keep going.

A few weeks later one of her episodes was featured on the Home Page of
and she received over 150,000 views in just one day. She now has over half a million views on her channel and quickly growing! Check out her
videos here:

Marie is consistent! Are you

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