ordinary vs extraordinary Much to many folks dismay, it only takes doing a ‘little bit’ more to win big online. It is no different from baseball when a 250 hitter needs only one hit a week to be a 300 hitter. Just one little blooper a week over the 2nd baseman’s head is the difference between journeyman and star. Think about it, just one a week.

In our online business if you do a little more than the other guy you don’t get a little bit more than he does. You DOMINATE. This is also true for brick and mortar businesses…but online the return is faster and greater.

Now, I’m not talking about working day and night or eight days a week. What’s on the table here is doing more of what works.

Many years ago when I started my broadcast career a mentor told me the odds were in my favor to succeed because many aspiring to work on air in radio and TV simply quit. They give up.

It’s no different with online businesses….many people quit without realizing they have. They don’t work with the same enthusiasm they had when starting their job or their business. The newness wears off.

Every day is new for Donald Trump. Or Warren Buffett. Or any NBA, NFL, or major league baseball star. Every day is another chance to shine…

To do a little bit more!

*Buy a little bit more traffic to your business.

*Work on your conversions a little bit more.

*Create awesome stuff a little bit more each day.

*Help people out a little bit more every day.

*Throw online sales a little bit more.

*Offer bonuses a little bit more.

*Make those bonuses a little bit (or lots) better.

And your rewards won’t be just a “little bit’ better. They will be MASSIVE!

And if you want to make a little bit more profits online instantly?

(And by ‘little bit’ I mean a ‘little tweak’ to a LOT more profits…)

You need to take a better look at your back-end. Because one “little’ adjustment and addition to your business can mean a LOT more profits for you in 2014.

Find out exactly how to set it up here:


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