bad economy Economists see mediocre growth in 2013

That is today’s headline in Money & Co. above a story reporting, “Most forecasters are looking at 2013 as being another mediocre year for the economy.”

The 48 professional economists cited say they believe 2013’s GDP will increase 2.1% and the jobless rate will remain at 7.7%.  Okay, so be it if these crystal ball visions are accurate.  The experts have nothing to do with you, other than provide a ready excuse for your own bad performance.

Face it.  During 2013, all sectors shall earn well.  People like you in your field will make money; some will make lots of money.  Many will make more than you and others less.  The fact is you can make great strides in 2013 and build your business beyond where it is today.  The only barrier is   you and how you go about doing things right.

Remember the tired line, “Business is like sex.  When it is good, it is great.  When it is bad it is still pretty good.”  Your business, no matter what industry, no matter where you are located, will be good is 2013.  Making it so is up to you.

Consumers will spend.  Manufacturers will make things and sell them.  Service industries will provide their services.  Work smarter and you will get your share of an economy that continues to grow, adding more customers each month.  Learn how to compete globally.  Business is leaner by tight money and poor economic performance since 2008.  Now, concentrate on your customers.

If you cannot figure out how to be a 2013 product or service provider get help.  Doing things the way you always have is being the frog in a pot of water with heat slowly applied.  Stubborn buggy whip makers did not understand they produced acceleration devices.  Dominos Pizza knows the product is convenience.  Tool shops know customers buy ¼-inch holes, not ¼-inch drill bits.

Grasp what your customers buy and market to their needs and wants.  That is what determines your product or service.  Pricing?  The price is what the customer will pay.  I took a product to Seattle many years ago when the local economy was the lowest ever.  We charged a premium for a stellar product we marketed well and had record-breaking success.

You are the barrier.  Free yourself from the defeating voice of judgment and get the success you deserve.  I believe you can do it.  Show me and contribute your story to

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