I’m serious about my Internet business. There are several people I follow online. Some I even pay for mentoring. One reliable resource is Gauher Chaudhry. He’s located in the Ontario province of Canada. Gauher’s specialty is banner advertising.

I work hard generating organic traffic. I also use paid advertising. SEO and other organic traffic generating tactics go only so far.

The idea is always ‘buy for a nickle and sell for a dime”. That along with understanding the purpose of business is creating customers demands we invest (spend) on our business.

Many I know fail their Internet business responsibility because they’d rather spend on shiny things. Those shiny lures may be a software program promising riches, or plugins auto creating popup ads, or some other nifty process to make you rich and your work easier.

However, you get a greater return via advertising than many of the shiny things we buy. Plan your Internet business is what we hear often. Part of that planning is allocating advertising dollars. As little as $5 a day gets you started. I believe you’d give me $5 if I promised to give you $10 in return.

That’s what business is about.

I buy many tools. Too many in the opinion of my friends. But I buy and test a product before I sell it. That goes for software. Hard 3 dimensional items I sell online like fishing reels or CPAP equipment I often test in a store. There’s nothing like handling a product and learning if you can put your faith in it.

I buy some other products I sell on my sites. Too many to mention here. The thing is I want to stand behind my products. I’m also very curious about quality and delivery. I want my customers, even though I rarely get to know them, to have a solid buying experience. That includes having products deliver what they promise in landing pages and upsell offers.

The reason I follow Gauher Chaudhry is he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a solid resource. His advice ensures my Internet business success. This week he sent out an email with things to consider for 2018. This is good information gleaned from a recent study of Gauher’s business and what his team believes will help us next year.

Read on and prepare yourself for 2018.

1. We found that conversions increased 6X by getting visitors to optin to our email list first before being shown a relevant video sales letter (VSL) on the thank you page after they opted in.

2. Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic and will continue to rise in 2018. Almost every single funnel we now create and design is done for a smartphone screen first before desktop. Conversions will vary for IOS versus Android. You need to test different designs.

3. If you’re streaming a video sales letter, test different video streaming providers. We have tested Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. and have found a difference in conversion rates.

4. Have a text version of your sales video. We retarget previous visitors back to the text version of our sales pages to secure the sale. Not every prospect prefers a video sales letter and having your sales message in different formats will help your business.

5. Use video and audio to engage your audience. It will help your audience connect better with you. You’ll start seeing more video and audio from me in 2018. (Me too, Joe Aro)

6. Gmail and other email service providers have been improving their algorithms. Email open and click-thru rates will be measured more closely and vital to your long-term email success.

7. We increased the average transaction value of one of our products by giving a “good” reason why customers should buy three bottles instead of one. This simple paragraph increased our average transaction value by $7.00. (An example of ‘rinse and repeat’. Decades ago a savvy marketer added ‘rinse and repeat’ to directions on a shampoo bottle. That company doubled sales in a short time. By following directions customers used up a bottle of shampoo in half the time. Joe Aro)

8. Cut the fat from your business in order to prepare for 2018. Cancel the subscriptions and software tools that you no longer use. Save that money and invest it back into your business.

–end of Gauher Chaudhry article–

Now, those tips are just the iceberg above the waterline. If you’re actually trying to build an Internet business and not make a quick buck, continue learning what’s below the 2018 iceberg waterline. No, don’t spend too much time learning. We have to implement.

But, give an hour a day to learning what you don’t know. What  you know gets you started. What you don’t know puts you out of business.

Of many items I value in my personal education history is the motto on my high school ring. These two words – Theory & Practice – serve me well. Learn the theory, but remember you get nowhere without putting the theory into practice.

Here’s another recommendation, one I make repeatedly. Learn how to sell high ticket items where the commission on one sale is greater than that for 500 or more Amazon sales of average items.

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