make_money_online_easy_free No matter how you are sold, how enticing the offer, how likable the salesperson, or proof others do it with great financial success accept the fact that there is easy way to make money on the Internet or in any other business.

There are easier ways to make money, surely.  They may be less physically challenging, less mentally demanding, are smarter ways to work, but there is no absolute easy moneymaking system, process, business, or secret.  Well, there is one exception.  If you truly enjoy doing something, really enjoy the process, activity, and all attendant actions, you may think your business is easy.  It is just easier for you than it is for someone not filled with your passion.

My wife thinks public speaking comes easy for me…it does not.  I spent many years training and practicing a talent so some people think I am a natural.  I am not a natural, but I am skilled. A friend is an outstanding writer with more than 600 hours of television credits, a feature film writing credit, uncountable comedy writing assignments for leading personalities, and many institutional and trade films under his belt.  I wish I could write as well and as easy as he does.  The truth is my friend hates writing.  Writing is hard for him because he hates it.  Because he hates it, he procrastinates, very often writing a half-hour television episode in the last 30-minutes before the deadline. Yet, writing is the one thing at which he excels that pays enough to support the lifestyle he wants.

Many people start their own business because they simply do not want to work for someone else.  They want to do what they like to do without someone telling them when or how to do it.  What these folks do not consider is they now have to run a business and do all those things they may not like to do but have to do to keep the business going.  My dentist loves doing dental work and hates running a dental practice.  That is why he hires an office manager.

Some of us turn to the Internet out of desperation.  We need income, not a career, or a job.  We need to earn money and the Internet comes across as paradise where we work from home or an exotic locale.  We  hear and read how the Internet allows us to work our own hours, dressed in PJs or any way we like, take breaks when we want, go on vacation when we want, go fishing when the mood strikes us, or just goof off willy-nilly.  The Internet is our perceived Garden of Eden.

We buy into one advertised easy-to-make-money-on-the-Internet offer after another.  At best, these schemes let us make a few bucks; sometimes we even make enough to cover the cost of whatever Internet business class we bought.  Some of us and they are few, find an Internet business they enjoy, and like doing what is required to make that business a success, then, of course, it is easy for them to make money at that business.  They are the lucky ones.  They put in the time, energy, and brain power to learn what they need to know and what they need to do over and over; day in, day out, every day, week after week, to make their Internet business a success.

The reality is every job can be fulfilling or a constant uphill battle.  I have been lucky to love what I do for a living.  I have not always enjoyed where I did it, did not like working for some clients, or regretted taking one contract or another.  The adage, “Do what you love and the money will follow” is more than a saying.

To get the success you want and dream about, you must like what you do.  No, you have to more than like it if you are to put all the time, energy, and brainpower necessary to be the success of your dreams.  Develop your passion for the right business niche for you, learn the ins and outs of triumphing in that industry, get experience putting the mechanics in place, and you will be successful.  That is a fact.


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