“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information”. Benjamin Disraeli

What are you doing to get ‘the best information’ today?  Do you rely on the snappiest Internet headline?  Or is it the latest guy or gal showing the flashy car and home they just bought with earnings from a ‘secret’ method for getting rich on the Internet?

From before man invented the wheel the only sure thing is making sure the Inventing wheel 2 - small person telling you something knows what they are talking about. I follow several people and learn from them. That is the way to get ahead. Would you listen to Donald Trump? I would. I’d listen carefully and take great notes if I wanted to make it as a real estate developer. I hope if I asked him about an illness he’d give me the name of a qualified M.D.

Who are you listening to or reading today? Spending time on Facebook is not going to help your business unless you go to other than purely social pages. It’s the same with Twitter. I enjoy pro football, but when I am in a business mode I ignore Tweets from NFL players and teams. Stick to your knitting my friend…if knitting is what brings in the bucks.

Today’s point is this —-pay attention to the people worth paying attention to. Stop wading through one webinar after another. Don’t buy one training course after another. Do not flop around looking for that ‘secret’ that will make you rich. If you want to make it in the oil industry, then drill a well for Pete’s sake.

Decide on what you want, learn how to get it, and go for it. From wheel invention forward you could not feed the family by using the wrong tools to bring down the animal you tracked. Stay the course and make sure the course you choose takes you to your goals.

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