A strength of the Internet is nothing is never ‘one and done’ – what you publish is available forever. What you put up may never go away. That’s true unless you remove your website or blog site where content resides. Even then ‘shares’ of your material may be on other sites – forever.

However, not everyone reads your blog posts when you put them up. Not everyone opens your email messages when you send them. How do we get more from our content? How can we get more email opens?

Here are some tips for getting maximum bang for your content creation effort.

Armando Roggio never fails to offer great online marketing tips. In a recent post he recommends starting a podcast using recycled material. This item is an excerpt from a recent post by Armando. He offers a tried and true tip for recycling your material.

Podcast 3 Now in the second month of the new year, refresh your content marketing plan. Consider creating a podcast from your blog posts.

Each episode of the podcast might be as simple as reading a post verbatim, perhaps, with an opening introduction and closing thank you.

According to a report on statistics website Statista, about 17 percent of American adults listen to podcasts. But it is estimated that only about three percent of marketers use podcasts to reach potential customers. This may mean that podcasting could represent an opportunity for some small businesses to engage potential customers in a less competitive environment.

A blog-driven podcast might have a secondary benefit, too. This year website accessibility may garner some attention, as regulatory bodies, courts, and businesses define what it means to make a website accessible to folks with disabilities.

Consider publishing your podcast on the same page as the blog post each episode is based on. In this way, visitors to your blog will have the choice to read the post or have it read to them. This may make your blog easier for some customers to access.

I recommend starting a podcast on iTunes. You can begin with nothing more than the mic on your laptop or PC. Or step up with an excellent USB headset microphone. I use the Logitech H390 USB and like it a lot. You can buy it from Amazon for less than $50 or so. Other USB headset mics are available. I believe the Logitech H390 delivers a better voice quality that other products costing more.

Record and edit your recording with Audacity. I use Audacity. It’s easy to learn and best of all Audacity is free.

Another content reuse tip is to record your blog posts as videos and start a channel on YouTube. Start with just your PC or Mac built-in microphone and camera. If you don’t want to appear on camera put your key points on slides in a program like Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Use Audacity to record your audio. Then save the PowerPoint presentation as a video with your edited audio. PowerPoint’s help utility explains how to do this. Then simply upload the video to your YouTube channel.

Haven’t got a YouTube channel or iTunes podcast? Each platform makes it easy for you to get started. YouTube and iTunes are hungry for content.

Another method, if you want to get a bit fancier, is to use a video maker like Explaindio 2.0. Follow the procedures you’d use for a PowerPoint video, except with Explaindio you can put animation, white board or another technique in your repurpose of the original blog post.

I use Explaindio 2.0 and like it very much.

Here’s a recording tip. Think of one person and speak to that person only. That way you use a conversational tone. Be conversational. Don’t read in a dry manner. Be upbeat and enthusiastic. No, you don’t want to sound like a middle-of-the-night infomercial pitch person either. Just be yourself.

It’s best if you speak to your Avatar – your perfect customer. When you speak to your perfect customer you speak in that person’s ‘voice’; just as you write in that voice. The idea behind content is to communicate. You want to communicate your ideas, thoughts, explanations, advice, and sincere thoughts on your chosen subjects.

Think of how you speak to a close friend. Now think of how you speak to a stranger. The two are completely different. Look at a picture when you record. Sometimes that helps at the beginning. Another thing is – smile. Smile when you speak and your deliver changes. Your voice is more likable.

No matter what approach you use, be sure to get the most from your blog posts and other written material. Freshen a past post with necessary updates and a new title and post it again to your blog. Use an excerpt from the post for use on Facebook. Add images and use the post information for a mailing to your list.

Another good idea is assemble posts into an eBook for use as a lead magnet. Your ideas are usually evergreen and putting them into a book is a cheap method for growing your list.

If you want more from your email marketing do this. Send your message to your list. Then two or three days later send the same email with a new subject line.

Another email tip is to send 3 or 4 information email messages for every selling email. The purpose of business is creating customers. The best customers are those who buy from you again and again. They don’t buy just when you sell to them. They buy your ideas.

Customers follow you because you are trustworthy and believable. They know when you recommend something it has value. Speak to your Avatar and the customer almost believes you found the product just for them.

Start repurposing your content. A blog, and a podcast, and a video channel combine to give you greater reach. And that reach gives you a higher SEO rank on popular search engines. Then you get valuable organic traffic along with that from paid ads and lead magnets.

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