I  encourage people to start an online business. In today’s economy we all need a fall-back plan. Jobs are harder to come by and I believe the national economy is heading for another downturn more dramatic than that of 2008.

An online business can provide additional income for your family. It may be a portal to full-time income giving you the freedom many others enjoy. I enjoy the DotComLifestyle. . . working from anywhere I can get an Internet connection. I work the hours I choose and I am my own boss.

Yet, an online business is just  that . . . a business. There are things to consider before plunging into the world  you see (often attached to Internet scams) where pretty people lounge on large yachts, drive expensive cars, live in mansion-like houses, and travel the world.

There are legitimate opportunities to have some or all of that world. I personally know many who earn a million or more each year. I also know many who struggle, earning little or nothing. I’m fortunate to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. I live along the California coast. When I sit on my balcony I see the Pacific Ocean. My wife and I travel to foreign lands. We drive expensive cars, eat at expensive restaurants, and generally live the way many  people want to.

All this has been mine for many, many years. And it can be yours, too. Just  proceed with caution – but proceed with energy. Here is my top tips #1  for starting your online business. Good luck.

  1. Don’t buy the horse before you know how to ride.
    1. I know a fellow who liked the image of the American old west…you know cowboys and such. The romance captured his imagination and he set out to enjoy the spirit of the western frontier life. So, he bought a horse. Then took riding lessons. Along the way he learned he was allergic to horses.
    2. Too many people jump in without understanding what is around the corner. They waste time, money and their energy for a new venture.
    3. An online business can be rewarding in many ways. Starting too much too soon is often a leap into regret, unhappiness, and disillusion.

Many start an online business with little or no start-up money. There are Internet-based business types that require no web site, no Twitter or Facebook accounts, or are not dependent on extensive technology knowledge.  Click here and get a free eBook describing the three most popular ways to make money online.

Watch for my Top Tips 2, 3 and 4 in posts to this site.

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