I have to admit that I do not spend as much time with my blog as I should. Well, there are just so many hours in a day and I’m a very busy guy . . . or a world-class procrastinator – take your pick.

A few months ago I changed my blog’s WordPress theme and am still ironing out a few wrinkles. I’m doing this myself after a disastrous experience with someone I paid handsomely to do the work for me. So much for buying the wrong service.

Well, my reason for telling you all this is I started my blog a few years ago when I heard about John Chow on Leo Laporte’s (The Tech Guy) radio show. I was curious and looked him up on the Internet and bought his Blogging With John Chow course. Since then I’ve gotten to know John and consider him a friend. We meet frequently over lunch and share Internet money-making ideas. John Chow is one of the top online money makers in the world.

Every so often I go back to John’s course to refresh my blogging approach. I encourage you to check out the course . . . it is the best training of its kind and offered at a very low price. Click here and sign up for Blogging With John Chow.  Start your blog and share what is most important to you.

Here’s an excerpt from Blogging With John Chow Lesson 1 –

“My blog is successful because I am passionate about what I write and record. I love my work and I love sharing my insights and experiences with other people. But if this niche suddenly lost all income potential and I was eager to start a new blog, I wouldn’t write about dog training just because someone told me there was money to be made in it.

I don’t know a thing about training dogs and I certainly don’t want to try to pretend I do when there are millions of people better suited to write on the topic. I won’t be successful and even if I am, it wouldn’t be genuine.

Your blog needs to be a reflection of  your passions. the last thing you should think about is monetization. That will come in time and with few exceptions, almost any type of blog can be made profitable.”

Common sense advice, isn’t it. That is the course – it teaches via video and text a common sense approach to blogging from a professional who’s blog is visited by more than 200,000 people a day.

Click here and learn more about how  to start  your blogging experience the right way. Who knows, it  may develop into a new income stream for you to buy a new toy or two.



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