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What will you accomplish tomorrow?

Not do –accomplish!

Have you even thought about it?

Sure, you probably have a to-do list – and most of the items have nothing to do with personal or business success.

The items on a typical to-do list are simply time vampires.

We make them important. They’re easy, mindless, mostly non-motivating tasks we perform kidding ourselves they’re important.

Some of us accomplish more in less time because we strip away what isn’t important. Like Aleut Alaskan natives carving walruses. The carver starts with raw material and cuts away everything that isn’t a walrus.

Have you defined success? Do you actually know what it is you want more than anything? People who choose to be successful [and yes, it is a choice] focus on the goal like laser guidance systems focus on a target. They are single minded. Nothing gets in the way of a successful person. They are people of single purpose. And they do not have complicated plans, strategies, or involved tactics.

Successful people know – eat- sleep – walk – talk – believe – understand – what it is they are going after.

And nothing in their control gets in the way.

The Lazy Man’s K-I-S-S University success plan is simple:

  1. What is your goal?
  2. What steps take you to that goal?
  3. Do nothing but take those steps.

That’s it.

Try it.

Tomorrow start your day fresh. Forget everything other than your goal. Write that goal in quantifiable terms. If your goal is financial do not make the goal “make more money”.

A goal is definite, measurable, and achievable.

If you make $500 a week, setting a $10,000 weekly income goal is silly. $10,000 a week may be the ultimate place you want to be. But you will fail if you only make $500 a week now and set your goal as $10,000.

It’s silly because you are not now focusing on what’s necessary to make $550 a week. What you should do is determine what you need to do to make $600 a week and go for it. Surprise yourself when you achieve that goal.

Then set your next measurable financial goal. A goal you can achieve with effort. There has to be effort on your part or goal achievement is meaningless. You learn nothing without effort.

Do not spend a lot of time with goal setting . . . that is one of the time vampires wasting hours and days. Make your goals simple. A person very dear to me has one goal – be happy. That person cannot identify what makes them happy. They go through each day avoiding conflict. When something is missing from their “happy” scenario they fret and go into a funk. What have they accomplished?

Wanting to be ‘happy’ is not a goal. Happiness is a byproduct of a productive life. A productive life is one of achievement. Don’t believe it? Look at the happiest people you know. They’re generally successful, accomplished, and hang out with other happy, successful people.

I don’t like the term ‘loser’.  Many people tagged as losers are simply lost. They need coaching to learn how to carve a walrus. What a lost person needs to do first is identify what they do not know that’s in the way to their success.

Other lost people need help defining their goals. Most lost people lack understanding. They do not know their ‘why’.

Why they act the way they do.

Why they want what they think they want.

Sure, the get rich fantasy is in all of us. The question we must ask is what will we do when rich?

During the civil rights movement a lunch counter sit-in proved an effective protest tool. The protesters simply sat at the lunch counter all day. They received no service. When civil rights legislation passed opening services to all the sit-in proved its purpose.

A popular comedian of the time included a riff about civil rights saying, “I sat in at this lunch counter day after day. When they finally decided to serve me I looked at the menu and saw there was nothing I wanted to eat.”

If you don’t know what you intend doing with the money you earn what’s the sense of making it?

If you don’t know what you will do with that extra $100 a week what will you do with $10,000 a week?

If you don’t know what you are going to do tomorrow why get out of bed?

What is your next measurable, achievable goal milestone? What are you going to do tomorrow to pass that milestone? What is your plan?

Many years ago I went to an acupuncturist to quit smoking cigarettes. It worked. Only one treatment and I never smoked a cigarette again.  I believe what caused me to stop was what she said as I left the office.

Sure, the treatment probably took care of the physical addiction. Yet the mental part is always most difficult. As I left the acupuncturist gently placed a hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye and said, “You are now an ex-smoker.”

That was it. I was not quitting. I was an ex-smoker.

Translate that into your situation. You are not trying anything. You are doing. You make $500 a week and are working at making a $600 a week. That is much stronger than yearning and dreaming of $10,000 a week.

So, what will you accomplish tomorrow?

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