You can make money online without a web site. However, if you want a sustainable business that delivers regular deposits to your bank account a domain is a necessity.

That’s particularly true for niche and affiliate marketers. They need landing pages for offers. A well put together site trumps simple landing pages. That’s my opinion. Others may have a different take on the subject.

So, having one or more domains means securing a reliable host. HostGator is my choice for solid hosting services.

Most of us sign up with a web host and don’t think about it after that. In an ideal world that would be the way to go. We do not live and work in an ideal world.

I usually do an internal audit of my service providers every couple of months. I do this sometimes sooner. If clicks or sales drop off I check my engine carefully. Q1 of this year is approaching. I’m setting aside a day to perform diagnostics on my sales systems. Routine auditing of my service providers is a necessity. That’s not a nice-to-do-sometime-task.

My livelihood’s at risk here. The downside is losing sales. It’s worse losing long time customers. And it’s difficult to repair damage to my reputation. The upside is keeping things humming. During audit I often make improvements to funnels.

Let’s look at web hosts and how to tell when is it time to make a change. Too many stay with suppliers too long. This can be exceptionally harming to your site and online presence.

Here are ten signs it’s best for you to change your web host. Your site will benefit and your business will prosper.

  1. You Experience a Lot of Downtime

Downtime is a disaster. You lose business. Most web hosts guarantee > 99% uptime. Check to ensure that is delivered. Check your site regularly looking for down time. If your site is down maybe it’s time to change to a more solid host.

  1. Your Website Loads Slowly

Site stacking velocity is vital for your clients. It impacts web search tool rankings. In the event that your site takes a few moments to load, you’re just irritating your guests.

Use GT Metrix to discover how your site stacks up. Make necessary changes to speed up loading time. Find another host if your site continues stacking slowly.

  1. Client Service Annoyances

You host must work with you. A good host understands a site’s objectives. If not the host is working against you. Some web hosts have terrible customer service. Poor service is not a client benefit. When something goes wrong you need solid help. Your host must have a client benefit group that can deal with your situation quickly.

  1. Do You Have SSL Issues?

On the off-chance that you offer items over your site, it must be secure. A few hosts won’t offer SSL authenticating. Or they offer a stiff charge to include SSL.

SSL shouldn’t be expensive. If you run an eCommerce site, or offer items you may want to change host.

  1. Is it accurate to say that you are Paying Too Much?

Check around for competitive rates. Does your host rate go up with no extra components? With a fee increase do you get better support? If no benefits come with rate increases it may be a great opportunity to locate a more appropriate host.

With an expansion in cost you ought to get an awesome change in both execution and facilitating support, as well.

However do not use price as your deal maker or breaker. Analyze exactly what you are getting for your money.

  1. Absence of Security Features

The security of your site is vital. In the event that your site’s been traded off some time recently, then you know exactly how profitable having a safe site can be.

Your host ought to utilize the most recent security methodology. The good host makes reinforcements regularly. Check and ensure site security if included in your bundle.

  1. Difficult To-Use cPanel

Can you effortlessly utilize your current cPanel? Some web hosts don’t give a cPanel. If your host cPanel is difficult to use or just doesn’t cut it then consider a change.

An easy-to-use cPanel can be an awesome approach to add extra elements to your site and perform specialized tasks effortlessly.

  1. Have You Been Shut Down Without Warning?

Has your record at any point been suspended all of a sudden? A strong web host is one that discusses promptly with you when any issues emerge.

Here and there, your webpage can even get suspended from another site that is utilizing a mutual server. In the event that this has happened its evidence your host couldn’t care less for your site.

  1. You Don’t Feel Cared For

Does your host treat you like a valued customer? Is there a relationship beyond paying a periodic charge? Do you get answers to questions as asked or just canned FAQ responses? Your site is key to online earnings.

Make sure your host works for you and with you. Otherwise find a host that does the complete job. Too many set up hosting on price alone. A few extra dollars a year often spells the difference in earnings potential.

  1. You’ve Outgrown Your Current Host

There may come a time when you’ve simply outgrown your present host.

This isn’t a blame of theirs, yet your site is basically overextending the administrations they give. In case you’re getting excessive movement and your execution is dropping, then it’s presumably time to change to a host that can deal with the expanded activity or get a committed server.

Obviously, you don’t need to hold up until you’ve encountered the greater part of the above outcomes. Changing to another host doesn’t need to be troublesome either. Most web hosts offer simple movement bundles for a little charge. Try HostGator. The service is excellent. Pricing is fair. There’s no charge to move your site(s)


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