start a business I help people make money online. I prefer helping people wanting to start and run an Internet-based business. Sure, I offer assistance to those chasing “the dream” of fast riches and quick returns with little work. However, my goal is developing a sustainable business I can operate anywhere I have an Internet connection.

The wife and I enjoy travel and spend as much time as possible away from our California home base. Wherever we go I have my laptop along and usually put in a few hours a day working online. It’s easy to do because I enjoy working at my online business. I usually awaken earlier than most and put in a couple of productive hours before others are up and about.  There’s always something to do to advance my business position.

The number one reason many people don’t make money online is they don’t ask for the order.

By that I mean they work the fringes. You must ask for the order. Don’t explain yourself ad nauseum. Don’t keep selling and selling. Just present the offer, explain what it is and ask for the order.

Visit a Home Depot and go into any department. You will find people wearing orange aprons. They are ‘associates’. Some will direct you to products you seek. Others will ask you probing questions and help you select the best product for your DIY task. The best associates will “up sell”. They will suggest other products that complement your choice.

Buying a grill? A good Home Depot associate will suggest tools to use with the grill along with a grill cover, cleaning tools, and a supply of propane or charcoal, depending on your choice. A good Home Depot associate is always asking for the order.

You cannot set up a web site populated with banner ads and expect people to flock to your site and click on ads then make a purchase. Top money-makers don’t always have a website. They don’t engage in social media. They have no personal name branding. They make lots of money by driving traffic to offers and earn a commission. Their time is spent asking for the order.

The second reason people don’t make money online is they simply do not know how.

Do you want to play tennis? Or golf? Or fish the surf like I do? Then learn the few basic things you have to know before you start. Then play the sport or go to the beach and cast into the waves. You only need to know a few basic things to begin anything. Then start doing it.

With golf you learn to play, not play to learn – as the saying goes. But you cannot spend your life taking lessons and never play a round on a real course. That’s what some Internet business newbies do. They attend webinars, seminars, read, subscribe to online rock star mailing lists – but they don’t get in the game. They do not do what they have to do to make money online. They do not put into action what they learn from people who actually make money online.

Knowing the theory is not the same as knowing how to do something. Here’s a great start to learning how to generate traffic that results in sales. It is Traffic Masters Academy, an easy to navigate course taught by people actually generating traffic to offers that generate sales. Learn how to drive traffic to an offer and you will make money online.

The third reason people don’t make money online is fear.

That’s right. Fear of success holds many of us back. We many not know it, but we often program ourselves to accept a certain role and never break out of it.

It’s said “what you learn first you remember longest”.  Notice the people who appear to be successful all their lives. They seem programmed for success. They expect success and they achieve it. Then think about those who struggle every day at everything they try never achieving their full potential.

Tony Robbins makes a fortune helping people overcome their inner programming holding them back. Few of us escape early age branding. Loving families often slot us for some talent or lack of expertise. When you hear often at a young age that you are one thing or another that sticks with you all your life.

Many average looking people go through life believing they are beautiful because they were told they were. There are truly beautiful people who don’t think they are. The image they see in a mirror is not pretty or handsome to them. Perhaps another form of beauty was held up for them to admire when they were young.

The boy or girl who doesn’t play sports well probably didn’t do well in little league baseball or AYSO soccer. Most likely they were not taught the basics and encouraged to do what leads to success. Or they took a back seat to other kids grasping fundamentals more easily.

Whatever the reason – and there are reasons in our background – some of us never overcome an innate fear when beginning something new. The fear is real, though it may be deeply embedded in our subconscious.

To overcome the hesitation take each new venture one step at a time. Don’t think of failure. Just think of what you have to do next. Be patient and work your system. If you have a good offer and drive enough traffic to it  and have a good sales funnel in place you will get sales.

Sales = revenue to you.

The fear holding you back is the same fear some experience when first asking someone for a date to the prom. The fear is hearing “NO”. Rejection is not life threatening. Ego damaging, surely. Be confident you are doing the right things and your plan will work.

The fourth reason people don’t make money online is swimming against the tide.

John Chow is a friend and associate. He may be the #1 money-maker online. John’s certainly in the top 3 or 4. Why would I do the opposite of what he does if I want to make money on the Internet? Why would I ignore the advice of anyone making more than me online?

Bill Varney teaches surf fishing techniques in Southern California. I learn surf fishing from him. Bill knows how to stand on the beach at water’s edge and catch fish in 12 inches of incoming surf. Why would I not listen to what he tells me?

Why do so many people who often pay a lot of money to learn from successful online entrepreneurs do the opposite of what they pay to learn?

Amazing isn’t it? Sure, don’t follow bad advice. But not doing what the best recommend is crazy. And guaranteed to fail. People who go against the proven methods of others succeed in spite of themselves.

The broken clock is right twice a day saying applies to them. Yet, so many people fail to follow simple advice teaching how to do this or that and then say you cannot make money online.

Even worse they malign those who do make money on the Internet claiming excellent programs and sound opportunities are a scam.

Here’s what I want you to do: Click here and listen to the offer video all the way through. Then invest shipping costs to get the free book. Read the book through. Then click here and view the video all the way through. Then give the offer a try.

Summing up.

There is nothing to fear when starting an online business. The key is learn how to start and run an actual business. What I recommend is not another job. All products I recommend are critical to operating an actual business. There is no get-rich-quick to my approach. Sure, you may begin making money in 30 – 60 days. Some do, others don’t.

The point of an Internet-based business is freedom. You own the business. You are building something that generates more income than you can often make at an ordinary job. You have the freedom of working when you want from anywhere you have an Internet connection. I work from home or a local coffee shop. On occasion I work from the local library. Other times I work from an RV motoring around the U.S., or an Internet cafe in whichever country I visit.

That’s freedom.

You can enjoy freedom like this too.

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