Most of us use affiliate marketing to launch an online business. There are many bits and pieces of advice how best to do that.

Some suggest a simple web site promoting a product or product niche. Others say advertising via Google or Bing is the way to online riches. Another camp believes in email marketing; building a list and marketing to that list.

All three and other approaches work well. However you cannot do all at once. Each is a skill some develop into an art form. The top Internet money-makers usually use a combination. They’ve developed large email lists over time. Their followers open each email and often buy the offers.

These email lists are ATMs, coughing up cash with each offer. I use email marketing and recommend it. Get great tips for successful email marketing and list management here. Some say every name on your list is worth $1 a month in revenue.

I also advertise on Google and Bing. I pass advertising on social media. Many Internet money-makers use social media ads successfully. I lean in other directions.

And I set up a website for specific products and product niches. I have many sites and like the results of doing business that way.

What beginners need to understand is you cannot do everything at once. Learn the ins and outs of one approach. Use that method until it generates sustainable income. Learn it well enough to teach it to someone else before starting another marketing method.

Trying to do everything at once with little or no experience does not deliver results. That is one reason why so many people never earn a decent income on the Internet. You have to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Here’s my advice: Pick one approach to affiliate marketing. Find an expert in that method. Let’s call him/her your coach. Make sure the coach actually makes money online. Subscribe to the coach’s email distribution and YouTube channel.  Most likely the coach has a closed Facebook group. Join that group.

Then start using the coach’s methods. Use the Facebook group like a mastermind. Contribute comments. Ask questions. When able buy some training. Better yet is to attend events where your coach speaks. Get to know the coach. Get to know other attendees. Share information. Ask questions.

Sooner or later you’re going to have to spend money to support your business. Some big-ticket offers are excellent. Click here and register for an excellent free webinar explaining how to start a successful Internet business.

Whichever approach you take be sure to stick to it. Do not give up – ever.

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