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This particular item from Mcgrath’s newsletter is a guest article by John Hawthorn from Floship. Floship is an international Fulfillment service for Online sellers.

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How To Deal with Challenges When Selling on Amazon, by John Hawthorn

Anyone located anywhere in the world can access over 170 million shoppers online via the Amazon eCommerce platform. It is one the biggest global markets and be spending the time to fully understand how it works can result in huge profits. In this article, I will talk about the different challenges you will face when selling on Amazon along with how to deal with them.

The US is the most competitive sector on Amazon due to the vast profits that can be made through accessing potential buyers. It is the country that spends the most per person average $3,428 each year. This is more than double the amount that European buyers on the platform spend which averages at €1,540.

If you want to target the US market you will need to find innovative products that are trending. A great way to find these types of products is via taking part in a Kickstarter campaign that offers its products to those that partake at below wholesale prices. Just because your product is selling well in Europe does not mean it will become successful in the United States and vice versa. It is highly competitive which means the prices are at rock bottom so if you have expensive transportation costs that apply it could mean that you get priced out of the market.

When you are selling internationally on Amazon you will need to pay close attention to the different shipping costs, currency exchange rates, and taxes. If you get one of these wrong for the country that it is sold in, it could mean that you end up selling for a loss.

One of the biggest mistakes that new sellers on Amazon make it that they believe that once they have listed all of the products they have for sale, everything will take care of itself. This is not the case though; you will need to be actively marketing the products on other online channels to be able to drive enough traffic to your products pages to generate sales. This can take a lot of time along with money required to successfully market your products and brand online to become a reputable seller.

One of the most important aspects you will need to pay close attention to is making sure that you do not break Amazon rules. If you do, then it could result in your account getting banned and your business having to close overnight. Always make sure you keep your eyes open for new rule changes and that your marketing campaign is optimized to the best white hat practices.


Selling on Amazon is not for everyone and even though the task of adding products for sale online sounds easy, in practice it is extremely hard. There are high levels of research required for each product you are considering selling along with having to closely monitor the competition to make sure the product is priced correctly and is presented in the best possible way.

Keep in mind the customer’s needs and think about how to up-sell to your customers. If you are willing to spend the countless hours, days, months and years adding products you will produce enough revenue to live a life of luxury. The amount of time it takes, is down to how hard you are willing to work to get it off the ground.

End Note

There are many methods for making money online. We encourage you to explore one fully and perfecting it before moving onto another. A key to making sustainable income via the Internet is ensuring your effort is not limited to one or two methods. Once you know a method well enough to teach it to someone else and you earn consistently from that method you may then move onto another.

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