A Rookie Online Money-Making Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my first year as an Internet marketer was . . .  I sent traffic directly to the website I was promoting, without building my own email list.

When I corrected that mistake, I was able to generate much more income and firmly establish my online business.

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SEO: 8 Free Tools to Find New Keywords

JILL KOCHER (This article originally published at PracticalEcommerce.com)

Discovering new and more valuable keywords can be one of the hardest parts of optimizing your content for search engines.

To some extent, your site is probably optimized today based on how your business and your industry thinks about the products you sell. Invariably, customers search for your products differently, and breaking out of your current mindset to identify the keywords real customers use can be challenging.

In “SEO 101, Part 3: Keyword Research Planning,” I detailed the basics of keyword research. The list of tools in this article will break you out of your keyword rut, making it easier to identify and plan lists of keywords to research.

Keyword Suggest Tools

The suggest-type of keyword tools literally scrapes the related searches that Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search engines provide to help searchers find what they seek.

  1. Übersuggest.This clever tool scrapes Google Suggest for the keyword ideas that Google shows to its searchers. The image below illustrates a search in progress for “shoes for m.”

shoes for m





Google Suggest results for “shoes for m”.

Each new letter the searcher types in changes the words shown in Google Suggest. Übersuggest scrapes all of the suggestions Google Suggest offers up for any keyword you enter. Typically the resulting list contains over 100 keyword phrases. Some of them won’t be relevant to your product offering, but you’ll have plenty of new keyword suggestions to feed into your keyword research tool.

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Who Are You Dancing With This Year?

Because you are on this site I guess you’re serious about making money online.

If you want to make serious money online you have to dance with successful Internet money-makers. Why do I use the ‘dance’ instead of hangout? Well when you hangout there’s nothing you have to do. You are just there.

When you ‘dance‘ with someone you have to know the right steps and rhythm or you’re another clumsy wannabe. Now, there is only so much you can learn online. Yes, you can learn a lot. But to fully understand online business there is no alternative to learning directly from the professionals – those top 2 or 3% of all online money-makers.

And you want to get to know them. At live events the people you may know from Internet activities get to know you . . . the real you. There are many, many advantages to getting face-to-face with presenters and engage them in conversation after they leave the stage.

I’ve never attended an event where the presenters didn’t speak to me and other audience members one-on-one. These conversations, no matter how brief are the beginning of a relationship.

Remember, it’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.

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You Have 365 Days, Plan to Make Them Count!

From EzineArticles
Ah, the beginning of a new year is upon us. It seems everybody is setting a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, eat healthy, eliminate debt, or maybe break a bad habit.

New Year’s is a great time to set a personal goal; however, it is also a great time to set a professional goal. In order to improve your content marketing efforts in 2015, we challenge you to set a New Year’s resolution for your business.

Perhaps you want to improve your product, update your technology, or maybe expand your industry-related knowledge. Whatever it may be, take some time and think about the year ahead. You have 365 days! What is it that you want to accomplish?

Need help? Here are some obtainable goals to consider:
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10 Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2015


2015 is going to be an interesting year for marketers. Based on what I’ve seen over the years and my decade-long experience, I think there are going to be a lot of changes.

Before you start planning how you are going to market your business, read the 10 predictions below. If you follow them, you’ll have a leg up on your competition.

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