Are You Automating Your Social Media?

Are You Automating Your Social Media?

Written by Mic Adam on 25 October 2013.

It is just over a month ago that Belgium had its first #kloutparty. To attend you needed to prove (or not) your influence by having a social-media-marketing-integration-automation- sm high Kloutscore.

Have you ever wondered how some of these young men and women have done it to increase their influence in a short period of time? Do you really think they are on social media all day? Think again because there are some shortcuts… Some are using social media automation tools. Whether this is a good idea or not, you are the judge but here is a partial list of useful tools…

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Do It Now!

I heard an interesting comment at my Dot Com Lifestyle meet up a couple of weeks ago about the difference between knowing something and being able to figure something out.

Are you like me and often get by just figuring it out as you go along? That is my method for getting into trouble and it has been most of my life. I just don’t have the patience to stick with the learning process and start off as soon as I figure out how to start the engine and give it gas. Oh, well, I’ll learn about using brakes Do it now 2x1.5 later on.

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My Online Business Is Not My Only Passion

I’m passionate about my online business. Why would I otherwise be working at it Online business early on a Saturday morning? Or later driving 96 miles RT to attend the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup hosted by John Chow? Nothing thrills me more than checking stats for my various businesses and seeing order reports, cash deposits to my account, or proof of progress for one of my students.

I love my online business. It is what gets me up in the morning  and stokes my fires throughout each day.

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Yes, you can make money on the Internet!

Yes, you can make money on the Internet. Some of us make a lot and others not so much.

It is not for everyone, mostly because it is w-o-r-k. And there are a lot of scams out there. Find someone you trust to tell you the truth with simple facts in simple language and you can make some extra bucks fairly fast.

Depending on the approach you take the learning curve may be steep or an easy climb. Most of all, do not be overwhelmed by confusing new words used to describe a fast growing industry. You need to know 98% of people working at making money on the Internet fail to do so. Yet, with the zillions of Internet users worldwide the 2% money making group is not a hard club to join.

I started doing some Internet stuff about five years ago.  Along the way I moved from wasting my time and earning nothing to become one of the top 10% Internet earners. With each passing month I’m now edging my way up the chain.

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It really is what you know!

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information”. Benjamin Disraeli

What are you doing to get ‘the best information’ today?  Do you rely on the snappiest Internet headline?  Or is it the latest guy or gal showing the flashy car and home they just bought with earnings from a ‘secret’ method for getting rich on the Internet?

From before man invented the wheel the only sure thing is making sure the Inventing wheel 2 - small person telling you something knows what they are talking about. I follow several people and learn from them. That is the way to get ahead. Would you listen to Donald Trump? I would. I’d listen carefully and take great notes if I wanted to make it as a real estate developer. I hope if I asked him about an illness he’d give me the name of a qualified M.D.

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