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After asked too Head Shot Warsaw - brighter often about my online business I plan to refocus my blog from general business info to how to earn a living online. It is possible, just like any other industry. The problem with Internet Marketing (IM) is too many people are selling ‘how to make money on the Internet” or ‘how to make money at home’ when they are not actually doing it…just selling how-to pubs.

I integrated the Internet into my business before the World Wide Web. That was in the ’80s when managing networking hardware international distribution channels from CA. Since then I’ve expanded my consulting practice via the Internet along with adding peripheral business along the way. Fortunately, I saw early on the commercial value of the Internet, especially domain names.

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Yes, You Can Write And Publish Your Very Own Book

How to Publish Your First Book

Publishing your first book? Today it’s easier than ever! Yep, I took the plunge. I stretched my goals and decided it was time to publish my first book. Going into it, publishing and actually experiencing success can seem like a monumental undertaking, with unseen pitfalls along the way. If you have always wanted to publish a book, or have one swimming around in your head, I’ve got good news…It’s easier than you think!

Book Publishing Statistics

According to the most recent estimates, the number of new books published annually has passed the 1 million mark, and here’s a shocker… Over 3/4 of those books are self-published.

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Charge Ahead…You Can Achieve Your Goals

It’s hard if not impossible for a team to win when it has no confidence in leadership.  The coach, captain, self appointed locker room stump speech maker have to inspire for you to believe you and your teammates can and will win.  Self visualization techniques often prove that visioning your success promotes achievement.  Leadership is learned. With practice it seems ‘natural’.

Teach yourself the difference between wanting to win and not wanting to lose.  Most today simply do not want to lose. In a down economy many of us have l Jean Valjean ost a lot. Do not be afraid.  Put yourself on the line without fear of losing more.

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5 Concerns When Moving Your Business

There are major concerns when moving a business. They are too often overlooked and potentially damaging to many companies.

If you are thinking about moving a company based on analysis moving - carrying boxes of expansion opportunities then taking advantage of available incentives is simply good business.

Deciding to move a company because of offers made without careful analysis of long-term results often prove ill advised.

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make_money_online_easy_free No matter how you are sold, how enticing the offer, how likable the salesperson, or proof others do it with great financial success accept the fact that there is easy way to make money on the Internet or in any other business.

There are easier ways to make money, surely.  They may be less physically challenging, less mentally demanding, are smarter ways to work, but there is no absolute easy moneymaking system, process, business, or secret.  Well, there is one exception.  If you truly enjoy doing something, really enjoy the process, activity, and all attendant actions, you may think your business is easy.  It is just easier for you than it is for someone not filled with your passion.

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